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by Kelly K posted Feb 8 2016 1:57PM
My second week at DJX was even better than the first! I am always learning something each day I go there and it keeps me excited to return each day, eager with what I will learn next. I'm slowly starting to understand exactly how each department of the radio business works, and being able to involve myself in each aspect is, for lack of a better term, awesome!

On Monday, I mostly worked in promotions, where I learned how to set up a contest on DJX's iPhone app. I was able to watch how the art was created on the computer and was given an introduction to how the online program worked to design the app. I also was shown how to update their website by being introduced to another program that lets them change which station advertisements are being shown on their website and how to add/edit a webpage. After that, I began to give contest winners a call to let them know they won a prize and gave them further instructions on how to retrieve them.

On Wednesday, I sat in on the morning show and was told my new nickname on air. Hello everyone, I am Intern Poot :) No, not Poop… Poot. I was given on airtime to be able to tell the story of why they gave me that nickname, which had to do with the crazy looking photo I have with Demi Lovato (the picture is in my first blog post). Pretty much, if you missed it, I went into a meet and greet with Demi Lovato wanting to have a cute, funny picture with her, but since I didn't preplan the face I was going to make, the picture ended up looking hilariously insane. Later on that day, Ben gave me the opportunity to run the board for a few minutes. While I was nervous I would screw it up, I actually did it well and felt more confident with being able to successfully run a radio show in the future.

On Friday, after sitting in on the morning show, I looked up information that Ben and Kelly will use for on air games this week for listeners. They have a series of contests they will run since it's the week before Valentine's Day.

Ben told me that next week I will be able to run the board more so I can get a better feel for it. I can't wait to see how that goes!
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by Kelly K posted Feb 1 2016 1:04PM

Hey! This is Intern Ashley! Ever since I was growing up, and especially in college, I've always been interested in having a career in radio. Working in the entertainment industry seemed fascinating, and being involved with music just made radio the perfect job. Since I'm now in my last semester of college, I decided to apply for an internship here at DJX, and oh man, it was the best decision.
I was nervous going into DJX on my first day since I had no prior experience in radio and didn't know how anything worked. However, I was thrilled with the fun, outgoing, laid back atmosphere I was introduced to! I was also nervous that I would be exhausted every morning, since I went straight to the studio after working a 3rd shift job, but Ben, Kelly, and Alex's high level of energy has always kept me excited and wide awake.
On my first day, Ben introduced me to the soundboard and briefly showed me how everything worked. I learned how to answer and record phone calls, edit music and voice tracks, and got to sit in on their morning show to see how it was put together. I was excited to already be learning so much on the first day!
On the second day, I helped go through their email account in order to find information they needed to apply for an award (which I hope they get!). I also helped work in their promotions department, where I learned how the station ran their contests and how they handled giving out prizes. I even found joy in doing these jobs, which gives me hope that I will love all aspects of the business.
On the last day I worked, Kelly gave me the opportunity to practice voice tracking to see how I would sound on air. This was definitely the best day I've had so far, since I felt like I was progressing and getting able to learn what it's like to be a DJ. After I recorded 4 voice tracks, Alex gave me constructive criticism with how I did well and what I need to work on. I can't wait to continue to practice so I can work on those aspects and help improve my skills to create a great voice track.

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by Kelly K posted Aug 17 2015 9:33AM
Last week marked the end of my internship. It was incredibly bittersweet, as I reminisced all that occurred over these three short months. I finished out my time here with a bang. First, I accompanied Kelly to a bugle wake up call for the first day of school. I think the neighbors were even awake after that. My ears rang, not only from Steve Buttleman’s Derby-inspired perfection, but also from Ben’s “First Day of School Sweats” song. The Andy Grammer show was also this past Wednesday and it was epic to the max. I worked for Andy as a part of his street team, thanks to my career field and internship with 99.7 DJX. I was able to not only attend the show, but Periscope the meet and greet on the Ben and Kelly Show account. When I presented Andy with my photo shopped socks printed with an image of me kissing his cheek with the #AndyIsBae, he beamed and told me they were SUPER special. We hugged like a zillion times, took pictures that scream #winning, and even exchanged I love you’s (BE JEALOUS!) As if that wasn’t perfect enough, my last day at DJX may have topped it. Since my intern name is intern fangirl, I thought it would only be appropriate to leave Ben, Kelly, and Alex with fan letters as my goodbye. They read them aloud on air and it made my heart melt. Now they know how much my little summer family impacted my life. I will never forget this experience and the people that welcomed me into their radio world from day one.  Missing it already. Love you
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by Ben Davis posted Aug 11 2015 6:37AM
Week 13 - Intern Fangirl
MOLDY CHEESE! That’s right, I got the moldy cheese flavored jellybean during Ben’s “Bean Boozled” challenge. It honestly wasn’t that bad, but probably because I washed it down with Arbor Mist. Only at a radio station am I allowed to drink on the job.  Kelly gave me a huge surprise this week! She contacted the Mercury Ballroom and DJX gets to choose a winner for meet & greet passes to the Andy Grammer concert this upcoming Wednesday! That’s not even the best part. She wants ME record the meet & greet and backstage experience via Periscope! I’m so pumped to represent both DJX and Andy Grammer’s tour crew. Alex had to spin the wheel of dares this week, resulting in a video of her licking Ben’s foot. Ew… Anyways, you know how DJ’s talk about contests and promotions on-air? Well a lot of times they have liners written out, which is basically a script for them to follow. I had the privilege of writing one of those for a Splat Out Cancer event coming up at the end of August. I also had a part in making a Ritz Bitz spot you’ll be hearing this Tuesday! This next week will be my last as an intern for 99.7 DJX, and I can’t even take it. I’ve loved this career-building experience, but more so the relationships I’ve built with Ben, Kelly, and Alex. LOVE THEM!
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by Kelly K posted Aug 5 2015 9:55AM

5.12-15 WEEK 1: Okay, so I first want to introduce myself… I’m Intern Courtney, yeah pretty boring, but we couldn’t think of anything so it ended up sticking lol.  I am a senior Communication major at UofL and will be graduating as soon as my internship is finished.  I have been in the performing arts my whole life, and I can already tell that radio is just as much performing as it is letting my natural personality to shine. My first week was amazing! I have already learned so much.  For my internship I’ll be sitting in on the Ben and Kelly Show with Alex, and watch how the show is typically ran.   I got to record a full 60 second commercial and a scripted 60 second commercial which was for on my FIRST DAY!.  I also watched Ben run the master soundboard and use the editing software.  He said that he would show me in more detail at a later date.  When they were doing a live call in for free tickets, I got to screen phone calls and get the necessary information from the listener. During the morning show, Ben said in the middle of the show that he was going to let their intern Courtney speak, and I did! I got to talk on the air on my second day.  Hearing my voice live, then hearing the recording later on, is amazing.  I already know that this is right where I am meant to be.  I also went back to the recording studio and recorded another 10 second commercial. Today, we also had a guest stop by, Christy from Naked and Afraid.  I escorted her to and from the studio and was able to ask her a few interview questions and get my photo with her. Kelly, me and two of the other interns met at Thornton’s for our first live remote.  I got to see how the tech set up the sound equipment and speakers and how Kelly used her notes to know when she was supposed to talk.  It was a lot more difficult since there is a delay, to listen to your own voice on air.  That would take getting used to so that I wouldn’t stumble because I heard my echo.  It was so much fun being able to interact with the public and to see the whole production process on a remote.  When we got back into the studio, the other two interns and I scheduled tweets on Twitter for Saturday and Sunday.  



5.26-29 WEEK 3: This week was FULL of DJX Secret Sessions!!!! We delivered more Taylor Swift tickets and I filmed for the delivery. I also live tweeted from Kelly’s phone on our way to a few stops. Kelly called and said that Ben said the footage looked awesome ☺ This week, Kelly also trusted me with a HUGE job! I got to download the afternoon show, Jackson Blue, all by myself.  I had to download each individual file, trim it down and amplify the volume, then upload each file into different software and change where the EOM (end of message) is.  I never had to ask her for help and she didn’t go behind me to check my work and it was all correct! I was so proud of myself.   This really gave me a sense of satisfaction because it was the first real thing I did myself for the studio production, and it made me feel like I was a part of the WDJX team. On Friday of this week, we got to deliver Taylor Swift meet and greets and had to finalize who the winner was. It was super cool to get to be a part of all of the DJX Secret Sessions delivering tickets to fans and pretty much making their lives. It is also rewarding to hear the Jackson Blue show; knowing that I pretty much produced it. Also, looking at Twitter and seeing how many favorites and shares my tweets get is SO cool!  I am SO EXCITED for next week because Secret Sessions is over so I will have more time in the studio to learn stuff and record some things!


6.2-5 WEEK 4: This week Ben asked me if I want to get behind the board and run the show.  Even though it is literally just pushing buttons, I got super nervous because he pushes the buttons so quick I can’t keep up when I am watching.  Then it was finally time for the TAYLOR SWIFT 1989 WORLD TOUR!!!! So each of us interns, got one ticket, but I got 2 so that I could take my niece, whose dad unexpectedly passed away a few weeks prior.  Ben and Kelly are seriously the nicest and most caring humans I have ever met. This week I also got to record a practice DJ demo and of course I jumped on that opportunity! I was so excited to get behind the mic and to feel what it feels like.

I have performed my whole life so this was so much fun for me! Immediately I realized that this is my ultimate dream career.  So Kelly showed me what to do and left me in the production studio by myself.  I jumped right in and started recording.



7.7-7.10 WEEK 9: Not many crazy things happened this week, because Kelly was on vacation, but I got to Tweet some more and run the board a few times.  This is seriously my favorite part because it makes me really feel important, and that I really am learning. I helped download Jackson every day, too.  Jack came in one day  and asked if me and Amanda, another intern, if we want to voice a super cheesy commercial.  He wasn’t joking. But of course we said yes because we love voicing things! It was a commercial for Fresh Boutique 4 Girls, and we, as a team, decided to rewrite it, with the help of Jesse from 102.3 The Max, and came up with a much better, more appropriate commercial for the DJX demo.  Then we voiced a spoof version for the fun of it. I was in tears laughing so hard at Jack and Jesse.  They are so much fun to work with!


7.14-17 WEEK 10: Ben was gone this week and Kelly and Alex had to leave at 10:00 so Amanda and I were alone in the studio.  Once they left Amanda and I had to Tweet and do Jackson.  It was pretty nerve-racking sitting there with the board staring at you like “Don’t mess me up!”.  But we got everything finished and got to head out early! This week, myself, Kelly and Intern Fangurl had a great learning experience together.  Natalie and I got to do another practice DJ aircheck together! This was so much fun to pretend that we had an actual show together.  We were finding stories to talk about and making our own sweepers and it was just so much fun working together. Of course, at first we couldn’t stop laughing because we crack ourselves and each other up! Haha but when we finally got some spots recorded, we listened back and realized that we NEED a show together! LOL


7.21-24 WEEK 11: This week I screened calls during the Music Battle between Kelly and Alex, and got the winner’s information, then I downloaded the Jackson Blue Afternoon Show.  After that, Ben told Amanda and I, the other intern, that we could take out the DJX Instagram account and post what we wanted. He told us that we could go get the new purple t-shirts.  I came up with the idea of going down to 4th Street Live and doing the “Watch Me” dance, (Whip and Nae-Nae. It was so much fun getting out into the community and interacting with people! And since we had out DJX gear on, we were able to spread the DJX name by not only talking to people, but by just walking around. So as soon as we posted it to Instagram, it had over 50 likes in less than 5 minutes! It was so fun to see those numbers keep going up.  Then once we got back to the studio, it was time for Amanda to leave, so Jack let me come in his studio and voice some sweeps for the new Music Director of DJX’s, Otis, afternoon show which is called “The O Show”.  I voiced a few little one liners,that will go on his intro sweep! That is so awesome if they end up using those because I will be on air every single day! Not anything too big, but it is still there, and it makes me extremely excited.  I also got to go through the ‘Ben and Kelly Show’ Gmail account and reply to emails and then choose winners for the Payday Everyday Contest. I got to call 7 listeners and none answered, which kind of made me sad because it was so awesome hearing people’s reactions. BUT then when I got to my part-time job, one lady returned my phone call and was SSOOO thrilled when I told her that she won. ☺ That totally made my day!  On THROWBACK THURSDAY I mentioned how I met a guy on Wednesday morning for a coffee date and I was very excited, then I found out there, he was deaf.  So we talked about it on air, whether or not there should be anything you give away as far as dating disclaimers. Then I got to record live for Throwback Thursday on Periscope! That was fun to see all of the viewers come and go on Periscope.  I have never used the app myself, but I now know how to record.  People apparently give hearts while they are watching, and this one guy gave 54 hearts! It was awesome! Then after that, I got to run the board for two breaks, and I would like to say that I did so flawlessly! I am finally totally comfortable with the board.


7.28-30 WEEK 12: This week I got to get behind the board a few more times, which is SO fun because I am totally comfortable with it now.  Otis is also here permanently too so it has been awesome getting to know him more. The highlight of this week is that on Wednesday I got to go to the R5 concert and post on Instagram as DJX! WOOT!!! I know right, HUGE responsibility and SO much fun to see Austin Lynch perform! It was packed at Iroquois Amphitheatre! Then some security guy told me that I was too tall to be up front taking pictures…HAHA! Okay, so I am 6’ tall, but still…if he ONLY knew what I was taking pics for…it would have been totally different! And there were some listeners who didn’t get to pick up their tickets, so we had extra and I got to take my family! I have made listeners days before, but this took it to a whole new level being able to surprise my nieces, nephew and daughter like that!





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by Kelly K posted Aug 3 2015 10:21AM
Week 12 & 13
Have you ever seen your boss… in his boxers?! Well, this past week Ben put me in charge of updating 99.7 DJX’s Instagram, and he decided to strip down to his hot-dog patterned skivvies. Let’s just say, that was an interesting day. I also saw Ben shove his armpit in Kelly’s face, while she shrunk back in tears because he read an article that said you can spread happiness through the smell of a happy person’s sweat. I never know what I’m going to walk into when I get to work, but that’s part of the reason why I love this internship. The history of DJX changed this week when Otis, the new afternoon DJ, was announced as an official part of the team! He’s super friendly and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do for the station. The Ben and Kelly Morning Show now has Periscope, which I used during the booty flip cup challenge, where Ben, Kelly, and Alex all tried to flip a cup over on their “booties”. I couldn’t stop laughing. The last day of these past two weeks involved shopping while on the job. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! We headed down to Mellwood Antiques and Interiors to pick out furniture for an upcoming contest where DJX pimps out a dorm room! I never knew radio could impact my life the way it has, in both learning opportunities and relationships with coworkers.
Until next week,
Intern Fangirl


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by Ben Davis posted Jul 20 2015 7:03AM
Week 11
Let me start off by saying that everyday I get made fun of for eating a protein bar, but this week I got FREE FRENCH FRIES! It was national “fry” day and McDonald’s dropped off french fries for us. I risked driving home in a torrential storm for fries. 
It’s just a part of the job. Ben was on vacation this week so I was asked to talk more on the air. It’s fun putting yourself out there and just talking like you’re having a conversation, but instead of talking to the people in the same room with you, you’re talking to thousands of people in Kentuckiana. So as many of you now know, I enjoy Dorito kisses unlike many other cultures. I also picked out songs dealing with summer, beaches, and vacations used for a music battle between Alex and the interns. It was fun looking through new and old music that I’d forgotten about over the years. Courtney (another intern) and I practiced DJ-ing together as the “Nat ‘n Court Show,” which helped with learning the new system. Most importantly, DJX had a huge win this week. We received the ratings of the Ben Davis and Kelly K morning show, and as it turns out we are rated #1 for our targeted demographic!!! It’s pretty cool knowing that you work for a show that’s number one in  the area.
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by Kelly K posted Jul 14 2015 10:34AM
Weeks 9 and 10...

Over the past couple of weeks at least one DJ from the morning show has been out due to vacation time. It’s taught me how each personality has to compensate for the missing piece and make the show work. Radio doesn’t stop when someone’s sick or out of the office. It’s an ongoing medium that requires DJ’s to draw in listeners. Something amazing happened to me on July 4th weekend. I was chosen to be a part of Andy Grammer’s tour crew when he comes to Louisville in August! As a part of the application I mentioned my brief on-air conversation with the “Honey I’m Good” singer, which made my entry stronger. Since Kelly K was on vacation, Ben let me talk about it on-air, living up to my true intern name: Intern Fangirl. My experience just keeps getting better and I’m building my future career in pop culture here at DJX. I also scheduled DJX’s Facebook posts for over the weekend. The purpose of this is to keep our audience interacting with our social media outside of the workweek. Jake had me congratulate winners for several contests, which was fun hearing their
reactions. You never know how much a simple prize can make a person’s day. Lastly, I recorded a French’s Mustard commercial with Jack from promotions, who taught me how to sound natural and inviting. To top everything off I got Holiday World passes! I’m not even paid guys and, yet, I could happily do this everyday for hours on end.
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by Ben Davis posted Jul 8 2015 5:07AM
This week EVERYTHING CHANGED! Not really, but we did get a whole new broadcasting system. I was learning alongside Ben, Kelly, and Alex, which was nice for a change. I wasn’t the only one who was unsure of how things worked for once!  It’s like we were all interns. #InternSquadGoals. Each week I’m here, I get more of  an insight as to what it takes for show prep and being an on-air personality. The best  part about it is it doesn’t even feel like work. I laugh A LOT. I’m pretty much getting an ab workout every time I’m in the studio. Ben trusted me to edit a talkover this past week. You guys hear them everyday. It’s a teaser for the next day’s Ben Davis and Kelly K show. It’s interesting to think when you hear something over the air, you never really know who had a part in it. I also witnessed a strip tease by the one, the only, Ben Davis. It was for Magic Mike XXL passes, but he only took off a shoe, a belt, and an over shirt. So, my internship hasn’t turned X-rated just yet, but at least his dance moves were dynamite. Some other intern tasks I took part in were creating a mass email for all of DJX’s loyal listeners, researching the most played and popular Top 40 songs, and calling winners from our ongoing contests. All in all, this week, as usual, I progressed in my knowledge of everything radio. And I get to do that while contributing to a slumber party-esque work environment.
-Intern Fangirl!
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by Ben Davis posted Jun 18 2015 5:52AM
Week 7
Hey guys! This week started out just splendid. DJX is notoriously generous to their interns with their concert tickets. Imagine Dragons is the third concert I’ve been to and it’s only June. This week I participated in some new ventures, while I became more comfortable with routine tasks. From what I’ve been taught thus far, I feel like I’ve mastered the soundboard, and Ben always makes me feel like a pro when I run it. Many of you avid listeners know exactly what I’m talking about when I say the words Facebook Fight Theater. Well, this week I voiced a couple parts in my very first social media inspired fight! As another new task, I updated their actual website with concert information. I was required to find concerts in Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati,grab the date, picture, venue, a link to the ticket sales site, and then post all of that info up on the site. It’s nice feeling like I have a part in several aspects of DJX, both on and off air. I learn more and more each week, and find myself feeling closer to Ben, Kelly, and Alex (who by the way became an actual celebrity this week thanks to her meet and greet with Taylor Swift!!). I look forward to going in each day because I never know exactly what I’m walking into, but I know that I’ll leave  smiling.

This week was THE BEST WEEK EVER at DJX. So, as most of you listeners know, the Ben and Kelly show received a call from Andy Grammer, who performed this past weekend at the Army Birthday Celebration event at Fort Knox. Ben told the interns that if we had a question for him we were more than welcome to ask it. I immediately started stalking all of his social media and looked up articles on him. When Ben was about to wrap up the interview he let me ask my “compelling” question. I said, “So on your Instagram, your sock game is so hard. What kind of socks will you be wearing this weekend?” Andy responded by saying that he loved me for asking that question. I felt so accomplished! After that experience, Kelly had me record my own radio show, just for practice. I fell completely in love with it. I had eight breaks to talk during, in which I chose a couple celebrity news articles to talk about before the artists’ songs from those articles were about to be played. I also incorporated some promotional liners, along with a relatable/impactful story about an 8 year-old-boy who grew his hair out for children with cancer. It was nerve-racking at first, but I learned a lot and can’t wait to get back in there and try again. Other intern duties I completed included creating clips from songs in which listeners listen and vote on for their favorite to be played next. And, of course, Hot Dad 2015 submissions were finalized and that’s always such hard work. I finished out the week by attending the concert at Fort Knox with Vertical Horizon, Andy Grammer, and Phillip Phillips. Andy showed off his camo socks and retweeted me! 
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by Kelly K posted May 21 2015 9:30AM
Week 5

Hey guys! This past week I was lucky enough to attend the Taylor Swift concert! She put on a great show with practically all of her songs from 1989 plus some older ones. #TaylorNation. Now that I’m back to work, I’m starting to see more of the behind the scenes of the music selection. Since there are four interns this summer, not all of us could sit in on the morning show everyday. So, on Fridays I work under Jake. He’s taught me how to file tickets and winner information into the database of PromoSuite. Then, the prizes (usually tickets) are counted twice and stored in a safe until the winners come to pick them up. It’s a super secure method, which is to be expected. This past Friday I had the opportunity to observe a really cool aspect of radio as I sat in Ben Davis’s office while he scheduled the song lineup for Monday’s show. He also showed me all the extensive research that goes into what songs are chosen. DJX specifically looks at the national Top 40 chart, along with a local Top 40 chart to determine what their listeners want to hear most. They take the time and effort to make sure what their playing appeals to their projected demographic. I’m sure all you avid listeners have heard the remix of “See You Again” by Charlie Puth ft. Wiz Kalifa where Kentuckiana high school seniors have spotlight voiceovers. I had the privilege to watch Ben edit each section of the song and see how the project progressed. Ben even let me give my opinion of what voiceovers fit best with the timing of the song. All of the DJ’s at DJX have given me opportunities and learning experiences that I’ll take with me throughout my future career. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store.

Weeks 3 and 4
Hey everybody! I’ve combined all my DJX adventures for week three and four into one post since we had a long Memorial Day weekend. As most of you know, #DJXSecretSessions has been going on for the past two weeks where we surprise listeners at their home, work, school, etc., with tickets to see Taylor Swift! It’s been a thrilling journey (with some minor dry heaving from Kelly K’s reckless driving), especially the last day where we gave out meet and greets. I’m pretty sure all of us were crying with Savannah when we showed up at her school. The interns, including myself, captured most of the video footage found on DJX’s social media pages. It’s nerve-racking trying to get the best angle for an impromptu scenario everyday. Another big step in my internship was doing a bit ON AIR! Since Alex was away at HangoutFest, intern Canada and I competed head to head for listeners to win tickets to the Atlanta Dream Classic WNBA. It taught me the importance of voice inflection and projection and most importantly to be myself and let my personality show. The staff here at DJX has made me feel like a part of the team. They trust me with various tasks such as screening calls, scheduling Tweets, and downloading a syndicated radio show. They’re my little family for the summer and let me be the first to tell you…. the DJX sweats are real.

Week 2

Hey guys, I’m back from week two with more behind the scenes dirt. This week Ben and Kelly trusted me to run the soundboard again, but let me do more than last week by working the audio clips for Kelly’s celebrity sleaze segment. I’m slowly progressing.  Screening calls and talking to regular fans of the show was added to my list of responsibilities. I was able to connect with people and share their love for the morning broadcast, while learning about how the phones work on and off-air. A representative from a record company brought in prerelease music, and although I can’t tell you all the awesome jaw-dropping details, just buckle your seatbelts for some new and upcoming jams.  My favorite job duties as an intern for this week included an onsite broadcast at a Thornton’s on Westport Rd. and scheduling Tweets for the upcoming weekend. Through writing for The Cardinal and The Celebrity Café, I’ve acquired a set of journalism skills, which I confidently implemented into my Tweets about the artists of the tracks set up to play on Saturday and Sunday. Week two was, yet, another success. I feel even more connected to the staff here at DJX and can’t wait to continue my journey as an intern.

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by Kelly K posted May 14 2015 2:15PM


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Hello world it is I, intern Canada. This week I learned a lot. I ran the soundboard and as Ben's constructive criticism went, I proverbially "pooped the bed". So as you see, I am learning about the wonderful world of boards of sounds. As you can imagine, being in charge of such a thing can be very nerve racking. Riveting, if you will. I say this because even one tiny mistake can result in something that can be a big no-no on the air. I've gained a whole new level of respect for all the radio DJ's out there that have tamed a beast that is commonly referred to as the soundboard. I am surrounded by some really cool people here. The kind you'd want to go to a Waffle House or a water theme park with. There's so many things that go on behind the scenes here that are so cool to watch and learn from. I get to schedule some tweets for DJX too, and I always feel as cool as Regina George when one gets a lot of favorites or retweets. Sometimes I even get complimented by Ben or Kelly on them and they say, "hey good job on the tweets, they were spelled correctly." Somewhere, my grammar teacher from fifth grade is smiling upon my grammatically correct tweets on the interweb. I've had so much fun, keep following the blog so I can keep you updated on all these amazing things I'm learning. And pooping the bed.


So it has been a HUGE and EXCITING week here at WDJX. Getting to be a part of the Taylor Swift secret sessions was beyond amazing. Between looking at the awesome entries and laughing, and watching people win tickets to the Taylor Swift concert that were literally crying from happiness, it was great to feel and give that kind of joy to others. Another **AMAZING** thing I got to participate in was attending Taylor's concert. She surpassed all of my expectations (which were sky high, she's the queen of everything) with a performance unlike any other. I laughed, I cried, there was so much estrogen in the room. Massive amounts. Taylor has that power to evoke emotion, let me tell you. I also got to bond with the other WDJX interns, Natalie and Courtney, at the concert. Each week we get closer, helping and learning from each other. So to put this week into a very short synopsis: I love my internship.

Hi to all you great listeners of 99.7 DJX! My name is Candace Godin and I am DJX's newest intern. I am currently a senior in college majoring as a paralegal, but I have always had a passion for all things radio! I am the mother of a beautiful 4 year old little girl and she is the best thing to ever happen to me. The first day of my incredible opportunity as an intern here was a amazing one, and I have already learned so much! Everyone here at 99.7 DJX is just as fantastic as you would imagine them to be. I am so happy to be part of the team!

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by Kelly K posted May 9 2015 1:28PM
Intern Natalie (Intern Fangirl)
Week 1:
                My first week at DJX was well above par. I sat in on the Ben Davis and Kelly K show which taught me about the process of running a radio show. I had a blast listening and participating on and off air with Ben, Kelly, and Alex. They’re all extremely welcoming and create an environment that makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with my besties. On day one, Ben demonstrated the functions of the soundboard and voice editing processes. I had the opportunity to run the soundboard for part of the morning show on my second day! It was nerve-racking, but exciting that they would trust me this early in the game. Jake, the night DJ, taught me about promotions and I was able to aid in organizing tickets to a variety of concerts and events. I also recorded a couple of ten-second commercials and learned the basics of different levels of voice inflection.  Overall, I’m having the time of my life extending my college career here at DJX, and it’s only the first week. 

FUN FACT: Natalie also blogs for!  Check out her articles HERE.
by Ben Davis posted Mar 23 2015 5:39AM
Sooo it’s my 4808660 week here and phew it has been a whirl wind…  Just kidding its only about week #9, but it has been a blast. In the past few weeks I have finally mastered all the tasks that come with downloading and uploading a syndicated show (hoping by week #11 this topic is not debatable lol: fingers crossed). I have gained a lot of practice running the show, and screening telephone calls. I have started learning how to cut and edit different breaks, and I have learned how to add winners to our daily contests on vortel, along with adding new concerts to the vortex calendar. Being here every week has taught me a lot about the excitement and creativity you need every day to host a radio show. That is one of the main reasons that make the Ben and Kelly show so well known. You have to love what you do, and I love being a part of that. 
-Some of the main highlights of my internship here so far are: Sitting in on an interview with FloRida and Gorilla Zoe!!! Attending the Maroon 5 concert! Hearing all the off air scoops, and being treated to the occasional free sushi lunch  #jealous?

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 23 2015 6:14AM
Hey guys its your intern Liz currently in my second week here at DJX. So far this week I have LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY while listening to the Ben and Kelly show, answered multiple phone calls from our listeners, watched those calls become on air sets, learned how to schedule tweets, didn't even know you could do that. Pretty cool. Plus enjoyed free lunch at the horseshoe buffet! #yum

So far you can say its been a pretty great week :)

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 16 2015 9:21AM
Hey guys my name is Liz and I'm the new intern here at 99.7 DJX! 

I am so excited to be here, and am so excited I was picked for this internship. So far I LOVE IT. 
Watching Ben and Kelly do their morning show is great, you can tell they both really enjoy what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. So far I have answered the DJX phone, learned about editing, cutting, and saving the morning show, attended a promotions meeting, watched what goes in to making a radio show, typed my first intern blog *lol* and laughed A BUNCH. I am learning there is so much more that goes into making a radio show than what you and I may think, and cant wait to see what I learn next week!


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by WDJX posted Nov 6 2014 5:40AM
Hey listeners, it’s Intern Sporty Spice!

Halloween may be over, but I still have the chills from when the Ben and Kelly Show had a live broadcast at the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, IN. I thought I loved getting scared, but I've realized now that that only applies to watching scary movies, and not actually taking part in one. The out-of-the-ordinary noises and creaks were not necessary in such an enormous old home. OH, and did I forget to mention that I was put inside a coffin? Never thought I would get to experience that while living!

Moving on to the fact that it’s now November, I’m getting sooooo excited for the holiday season! Maybe Santa will bring me some Taylor Swift tickets? I cannot wait for her concert in June because I might be a little too obsessed with her album right now!

In the meantime—while I wait for Taylor Swift’s invite to her house—I've been staying pretty busy around the studio with Ben, Kelly, and Alex. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, like filming the “Wheel of Dares” and recording Alex walk between two buildings. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Talk to you all later!

                -Sporty Spice

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by Kelly K posted Oct 27 2014 10:54AM

Hey DJX listeners! It’s Intern Sporty Spice —just wanted to check in again with all things intern and DJX. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of different things around and outside the studio!


A couple of weeks ago I was able to tag along and be a part of Chainsaw Wakeups. It was an interesting experience to say the least. At the beginning I was beyond excited to watch this go down in person… until I stepped into their home. I immediately felt like I was the most terrible person in the world—scaring a 14-year-old boy to death just so we can all laugh at him. It proved to be quite entertaining and I bet he’s sleeping soundly again, so we can all agree it was worth it.


Also, Bebe Rexha came into town a few weeks ago to perform at the Hard Rock Café and DJX hooked listeners up with the meet & greet! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to hear her perform live. She was an awesome entertainer and very humble.  


Around the studio, I've gotten more comfortable “running the board,” and speaking on air. I love answering the phones during the show and getting to talk with all of the avid listeners sharing their opinions and thoughts on the daily traffic.  


As always, listening to Ben, Kelly, and Alex is always fun, but you should hear what goes on during the commercials! This may be one of my favorite parts of my internship and yet it is somewhat disturbing. The content is not radio appropriate, so this will stay behind closed doors… but I can always count on having a great morning when I go into work!


Talk to you all soon!!

                -Sporty Spice

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 3 2014 5:50AM
Hey DJX listeners! I’m intern “Sporty Spice,” or as my parents call me, Claire. I’ve been an intern for the Ben Davis and Kelly K Show for about a month now and it has been quite an experience! Every day I find myself listening to various conversations about poop, chicken nuggets or some celebrity’s butt.
So obviously I’m having a great time! I work with such amazing people who are not only hysterical to listen to on the radio, but imagine what it’s like after they go off air! The atmosphere in the studio is completely relaxed and fun. I love watching Ben, Kelly and Alex connect with their listeners and charming people of Kentuckiana. I’d like to think that the laughter I provide in the background is responsible for the great entertainment produced on the show.
You may ask what my other duties for the show are besides laughing while wearing my headset, and I will tell you! I have had the pleasure to answer the phones during call-ins, “run the board,” and snap some pics of Ben in a sumo outfit in the middle of Fourth Street. They vary on a day-to-day basis, making the job even more exciting! I have also done a bit of voice tracking, while learning more about all of the technology that goes into producing a radio show.
You may even have heard me on the radio a few times… I have thrown my brother "under the bus" for his strange habits and discussed the possibility of my roommate being apart of a cult. So far, this has been one of my favorite parts of my internship! Talking on live air has been exhilarating and a blast. Ben, Kelly and Alex make it a lot easier than it looks!

I’m so lucky for this experience and I am looking forward to the next couple of months here at DJX!
            -Sporty Spice
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by Ben Davis posted May 30 2014 2:39PM
Hi everyone my name is Kristin and I'm very excited to be an intern here at WDJX with Ben and Kelly! To be honest when I applied for this I had no idea I would actually get to be a part of all this fun and craziness but I am so glad I applied and after the interview went better than I expected am so happy to be here. It's only my second week but I have already learned so much and actually seeing the show happen has given me an even bigger appreciation for what goes on. It's crazy to see the behind the scenes in action but seriously there is never a dull moment around here. I have already learned to edit the show, see how voice tracking is done, learn new terms, and how to answer calls just to name a few. I can't wait to see what these next weeks have in store for me and as always keep listening to DJX because it is honestly the best station out there!
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by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2014 7:46AM
What’s up DJX fans? I’ve been interning about nine weeks. If you guys are interested at all in working in radio on or off the air, I really recommend applying for an internship here. In the time that I’ve been here, I have done a little bit of everything. I’ve now gotten a taste of writing promotions. I have practiced voice tracking. I have practiced voicing several 10 and 15-second radio commercials this month, and worked closely with the promotions office on a several of their events. The most enjoyable part for me, off the air is giving away prizes; the pure excitement of the fans is always awesome. My favorite on air activity is learning about the master board, and how every knob, button and lever works and what they control.
Interning here has been an eye opening experience and I look forward to learning and doing more as time goes on. I find myself doing most of my thinking about what goes on here at the station. There is literally always something to do, and every day really is something new and fun. The music battles are hilarious Kelly k and Alex are even the upmost professionals in the eyes of defeat. Ben not only is the conductor of the ship. He is fun and patience. He makes sure all of us interns get a taste of several radio functions and jobs. The professional knowledge alone you receive from Ben and Kelly is worth the experience.
The experiences I have learned here at WDJX, are experiences I will never forget. It has helped me learn so much, Not only about radio, but also about how to handle your self as a professional. If you come with an open mind ready to learn this internship will be very beneficial for you.
I’ve heard from several friends that I have the one of the wildest internship ever. And I would definitely have to agree after running a city block in my boxers. Talk to you guys later!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2014 7:43AM
What’s up guys??? I’m about to give you another sneak peak at my life as an intern for the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show! I have now been an intern for about three months and I still love it! As I have mentioned before, I am constantly learning something new and getting more responsibilities.
I get to call people and tell them that they are contest winners, and it might be the greatest thing! I love hearing people’s excitement and shocked reaction. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty epic. I’m still answering the phone calls when I’m in the studio, so if you’ve called on TuesdayThursday, or Friday during the show you have probably talked to me!
Well...I got some unfortunate news…….. I am currently 0-3 when in comes to the Kelly/Alex Music Battle. I must say that I love participating in it, but I just can’t seem to get a victory. One day, one day I will pull a win out! Another thing that I have been able to help out with is making up quiz questions for contests. It is one of the hardest things I have to do. I say this because I need to come with questions that are basic knowledge to some, but tricky enough to stump others. It's definitely not as easy as it seems!

If you want to get involved in radio, this is the perfect internship for you! I’m serious; they make sure that you get to experience all aspects of radio. This internship has made me seriously consider a future in radio because I have absolutely loved every second of it. The whole company treats you like family, especially Ben, Kelly, and Alex.
I hope everyone has a MAGICAL day!
-         Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”
P.S. Sorry for messing up your burger, Alex! Whoops!! haha

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by Ben Davis posted Mar 19 2014 5:49AM
What’s up DJX fans? Thought I would drop you another line from behind the scenes here at DJX. I’ve been here about 6 weeks, and I’m still loving it. If you guys are interested at all in working in radio, I really recommend applying for an internship here. In the short time that I’ve been here, I have done a little bit of everything there is to do. I’ve now gotten a taste of writing 30-60 second promotions that have ACTUALLY BEEN READ ON THE AIR, practiced voice-tracking (kind of like pretending I have my own radio show), voiced 10 and 15 second radio commercials that will air this month, and worked closely with the promotions office on a ton of their events.
Working here has been an awesome experience and I look forward to learning and doing more as time goes on. I find myself doing most of my schoolwork assignments on what goes on here at the station. It’s such an easy topic to cover because there’s always something going on, always something to do, and every day really is something new and fun. Just last night I wrote a report on improving social media presence for a local company, and I wrote mine on the Ben Davis and Kelly K show. And a lot of what I do here doubles as an assignment that I can just turn in for school.
I never thought I would be able to get such a well-rounded experience here. I mean recording commercials? That’s awesome. Learning how DJX chooses the playlists? Very cool. There’s so much more that goes into running a radio show/station that I didn’t realize.
I’ve heard from several jealous friends that I have the coolest job/internship ever. And I would definitely have to agree. Talk to you guys later!

by Ben Davis posted Mar 19 2014 5:44AM
Howdy y’all!
The more time I spend at 99.7 WDJX on the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show, the more I love my internship. I’m always learning something new, and I feel more and more comfortable around the studio. I get to be involved with a little bit of everything, which is helping me see what it’s really like to work in the industry.
The thing that I really enjoy about the internship is that I get to participate in activities that I would have never even thought about. An example is when I was the human rock for the curling competition for Ben and Kelly’s Olympics. Adding on to that I also helped Kelly win the wheelbarrow race, which ultimately pushed her to be the overall winner of their Olympics (And for the record we did not cheat… we were just clever haha).
One thing that I have grown to love is being behind the audio board. At first I hated running the board, it was very intimidating and I was deathly afraid of making a mistake. Having said that, I made my fair amount of mistakes, but now I look forward to the nine o’clock hour where I normally run the board. It’s nice knowing that Ben and Kelly trust me with that responsibility.
Getting to spend time with Ben, Kelly, and Alex has been a real pleasure because they treat you like family, and welcome you with open arms. I have never been scared to ask a question or have something repeated because they are so willing to help. I always tell people I have the best internship in the world because I’m not treated like a normal intern. I am treated like a normal employee, which is really great because it is preparing me for a real job.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
- Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”

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by Intern Reyna posted Feb 18 2014 10:51AM
Being an intern for The Ben Davis & Kelly K. Morning Show has been such a great experience. My time in the studio is only getting crazier, and I am being trusted with more responsibilities. My responsibilities range from answering the phone calls to coming up with promotions.

Ben recently used my voice for a few promotions; one for Free Ticket Friday for tickets for One Republic, and also for a music promotion. I’m not going to lie…..It’s pretty cool to hear my voice on the radio. I’ve been able to run the audio board more often, which is making my confidence go up when I’m behind it. This is important because I had a little mess-up in the beginning, but things are golden now!

One of my highlights so far at 99.7 WDJX has to be when I filled in for Kelly for a ticket giveaway. Ben and Alex surprised me with the information and let’s just say I was nervous. I participated in the Music Battle, and pretty much got crushed by Alex. I love being on air, so I’m hoping that I’ll get more opportunities to be on the show.

When I’m sitting in on the show I try to listen to how Ben, Kelly, and Alex interact with each other. They have amazing chemistry, and there is a lot to learn when watching them do their craft. I love that I am getting to put my hands in a little bit of everything, because it is helping me see what I want to do in the future.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
-Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”

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by Kelly K posted Jan 31 2014 2:37PM
One word. Wackiness. This one little word sums up my time at 99.7 WDJX. While interning for the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show, I have discovered that this show is incredibly wacky..... And I love it!!! The best part of the internship is that Ben, Kelly, and Alex are all insanely fun on the air, as well as off. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to do an assortment of tasks to do. A few of the highlights were recording a commercial (ya, an actual commercial!!), practice voice tracking, and running the audio board. Answering the phone calls has become part of daily routine, which does not sound that fun but is actually very entertaining! There is a great amount of joy when people call in and have the chance to be on the radio. I do have to admit that there was a little accident that occurred with the audio board, which scared the living life out of me..... Whoops (Sorry Ben)!!! A hot topic in the studio is what our intern names should be. The names that have been thrown around for me are intern Sassy Latina, Selener (Alex's choice), and Dora the Explorer! Personally, I love all three! Part of the show is being able to laugh at yourself, and have a great sense of humor. I'm hoping for more crazy adventures with this crazy family, and I am excited for all the learning opportunities that will come.

Intern Reyna aka "Dora the Explora"
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by Kelly K posted Jan 31 2014 2:23PM

Week One!

When I learned that I would be interviewing with Kelly K for an internship at WDJX, I...Well I'm not gonna lie, I called my mom I was so excited. And I didn't even have the job yet. The interview went well and I got the gig, but despite the job description Kelly sent me, I still had little to no idea what really to expect. 
    The first thing I did when I got to the studio for my first day was...well I got lost for half an hour before Linda Lambert found me wandering in the lobby and kindly brought me to the right place, but the SECOND thing was to meet Ben Davis and listen in on my first in person Ben and Kelly show. It was a little surreal listening to the radio show from inside the studio, but I had been listening to this show since I was a little kid and it was pretty darn cool. Soon after I arrived, I got to meet another one of the Interns, Chris Smiley. We got to know each other a little bit and discussed our expectations and past experiences. I wouldn't meet the traffic girl, Alex, until the next time I came in, but things started to congeal into an identity of the DJX studio with names and faces.

    My first task was to come up with a few ideas for a segments that would go on the air. It was only my first day and I was already making content for a show. It was a very very small amount of content, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless. Since then, other content I have created has been used on the air as well, like stories for the celebrity sleaze. In fact, a pretty large portion of the time I have been here has been spent searching the internet for outrageous stories and celebrity gossip. I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of what makes for good content and discussion on the air, and what might seem interesting, but is really not newsworthy.

    Everyone likes to have fun here, and one of the recurring things at DJX is the Wheel of Dares. Well, to make a long story short, my name was chosen to spin the wheel and I ended up singing Daft Punk in a coffee shop not once, but twice on video. It was a little embarrassing but ultimately I'm glad I played along. I had fun with it. The people of Starbucks did not, however.

    I'm having a lot of fun here, and I'm looking forward to doing the next thing, whatever it may be. My time here continues to be the best part of my day and week. The most recent thing I've had the opportunity of trying is voice tracking. It was a little weird to hear my own voice through the headphones as I practiced introducing songs, but it was really neat to play with the software.


Intern Sam

by Ben Davis posted Oct 16 2013 1:58PM

Meet our Fall 2013 Intern...

Intern Party Gurl!!!

Follow her shenanigans HERE!

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