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by Ben Davis posted Mar 23 2015 5:39AM
Sooo it's my 4808660 week here and phew it has been a whirl wind… Just kidding its only about week #9, but it has been a blast. In the past few weeks I have finally mastered all the tasks that come with downloading and uploading a syndicated show (hoping by week #11 this topic is not debatable lol: fingers crossed). I have gained a lot of practice running the show, and screening telephone calls. I have started learning how to cut and edit different breaks, and I have learned how to add winners to our daily contests on vortel, along with adding new concerts to the vortex calendar. Being here every week has taught me a lot about the excitement and creativity you need every day to host a radio show. That is one of the main reasons that make the Ben and Kelly show so well known. You have to love what you do, and I love being a part of that.
-Some of the main highlights of my internship here so far are: Sitting in on an interview with FloRida and Gorilla Zoe!!! Attending the Maroon 5 concert! Hearing all the off air scoops, and being treated to the occasional free sushi lunch  #jealous?

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 23 2015 6:14AM
Hey guys its your intern Liz currently in my second week here at DJX. So far this week I have LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY while listening to the Ben and Kelly show, answered multiple phone calls from our listeners, watched those calls become on air sets, learned how to schedule tweets, didn't even know you could do that. Pretty cool. Plus enjoyed free lunch at the horseshoe buffet! #yum

So far you can say its been a pretty great week :)

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 16 2015 9:21AM
Hey guys my name is Liz and I'm the new intern here at 99.7 DJX! 

I am so excited to be here, and am so excited I was picked for this internship. So far I LOVE IT. 
Watching Ben and Kelly do their morning show is great, you can tell they both really enjoy what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. So far I have answered the DJX phone, learned about editing, cutting, and saving the morning show, attended a promotions meeting, watched what goes in to making a radio show, typed my first intern blog *lol* and laughed A BUNCH. I am learning there is so much more that goes into making a radio show than what you and I may think, and cant wait to see what I learn next week!


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by WDJX posted Nov 6 2014 5:40AM
Hey listeners, it’s Intern Sporty Spice!

Halloween may be over, but I still have the chills from when the Ben and Kelly Show had a live broadcast at the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, IN. I thought I loved getting scared, but I've realized now that that only applies to watching scary movies, and not actually taking part in one. The out-of-the-ordinary noises and creaks were not necessary in such an enormous old home. OH, and did I forget to mention that I was put inside a coffin? Never thought I would get to experience that while living!

Moving on to the fact that it’s now November, I’m getting sooooo excited for the holiday season! Maybe Santa will bring me some Taylor Swift tickets? I cannot wait for her concert in June because I might be a little too obsessed with her album right now!

In the meantime—while I wait for Taylor Swift’s invite to her house—I've been staying pretty busy around the studio with Ben, Kelly, and Alex. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, like filming the “Wheel of Dares” and recording Alex walk between two buildings. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Talk to you all later!

                -Sporty Spice

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by Kelly K posted Oct 27 2014 10:54AM

Hey DJX listeners! It’s Intern Sporty Spice —just wanted to check in again with all things intern and DJX. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of different things around and outside the studio!


A couple of weeks ago I was able to tag along and be a part of Chainsaw Wakeups. It was an interesting experience to say the least. At the beginning I was beyond excited to watch this go down in person… until I stepped into their home. I immediately felt like I was the most terrible person in the world—scaring a 14-year-old boy to death just so we can all laugh at him. It proved to be quite entertaining and I bet he’s sleeping soundly again, so we can all agree it was worth it.


Also, Bebe Rexha came into town a few weeks ago to perform at the Hard Rock Café and DJX hooked listeners up with the meet & greet! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to hear her perform live. She was an awesome entertainer and very humble.  


Around the studio, I've gotten more comfortable “running the board,” and speaking on air. I love answering the phones during the show and getting to talk with all of the avid listeners sharing their opinions and thoughts on the daily traffic.  


As always, listening to Ben, Kelly, and Alex is always fun, but you should hear what goes on during the commercials! This may be one of my favorite parts of my internship and yet it is somewhat disturbing. The content is not radio appropriate, so this will stay behind closed doors… but I can always count on having a great morning when I go into work!


Talk to you all soon!!

                -Sporty Spice

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by Ben Davis posted Oct 3 2014 5:50AM
Hey DJX listeners! I’m intern “Sporty Spice,” or as my parents call me, Claire. I’ve been an intern for the Ben Davis and Kelly K Show for about a month now and it has been quite an experience! Every day I find myself listening to various conversations about poop, chicken nuggets or some celebrity’s butt.
So obviously I’m having a great time! I work with such amazing people who are not only hysterical to listen to on the radio, but imagine what it’s like after they go off air! The atmosphere in the studio is completely relaxed and fun. I love watching Ben, Kelly and Alex connect with their listeners and charming people of Kentuckiana. I’d like to think that the laughter I provide in the background is responsible for the great entertainment produced on the show.
You may ask what my other duties for the show are besides laughing while wearing my headset, and I will tell you! I have had the pleasure to answer the phones during call-ins, “run the board,” and snap some pics of Ben in a sumo outfit in the middle of Fourth Street. They vary on a day-to-day basis, making the job even more exciting! I have also done a bit of voice tracking, while learning more about all of the technology that goes into producing a radio show.
You may even have heard me on the radio a few times… I have thrown my brother "under the bus" for his strange habits and discussed the possibility of my roommate being apart of a cult. So far, this has been one of my favorite parts of my internship! Talking on live air has been exhilarating and a blast. Ben, Kelly and Alex make it a lot easier than it looks!

I’m so lucky for this experience and I am looking forward to the next couple of months here at DJX!
            -Sporty Spice
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by Ben Davis posted May 30 2014 2:39PM
Hi everyone my name is Kristin and I'm very excited to be an intern here at WDJX with Ben and Kelly! To be honest when I applied for this I had no idea I would actually get to be a part of all this fun and craziness but I am so glad I applied and after the interview went better than I expected am so happy to be here. It's only my second week but I have already learned so much and actually seeing the show happen has given me an even bigger appreciation for what goes on. It's crazy to see the behind the scenes in action but seriously there is never a dull moment around here. I have already learned to edit the show, see how voice tracking is done, learn new terms, and how to answer calls just to name a few. I can't wait to see what these next weeks have in store for me and as always keep listening to DJX because it is honestly the best station out there!
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by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2014 7:46AM
What’s up DJX fans? I’ve been interning about nine weeks. If you guys are interested at all in working in radio on or off the air, I really recommend applying for an internship here. In the time that I’ve been here, I have done a little bit of everything. I’ve now gotten a taste of writing promotions. I have practiced voice tracking. I have practiced voicing several 10 and 15-second radio commercials this month, and worked closely with the promotions office on a several of their events. The most enjoyable part for me, off the air is giving away prizes; the pure excitement of the fans is always awesome. My favorite on air activity is learning about the master board, and how every knob, button and lever works and what they control.
Interning here has been an eye opening experience and I look forward to learning and doing more as time goes on. I find myself doing most of my thinking about what goes on here at the station. There is literally always something to do, and every day really is something new and fun. The music battles are hilarious Kelly k and Alex are even the upmost professionals in the eyes of defeat. Ben not only is the conductor of the ship. He is fun and patience. He makes sure all of us interns get a taste of several radio functions and jobs. The professional knowledge alone you receive from Ben and Kelly is worth the experience.
The experiences I have learned here at WDJX, are experiences I will never forget. It has helped me learn so much, Not only about radio, but also about how to handle your self as a professional. If you come with an open mind ready to learn this internship will be very beneficial for you.
I’ve heard from several friends that I have the one of the wildest internship ever. And I would definitely have to agree after running a city block in my boxers. Talk to you guys later!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2014 7:43AM
What’s up guys??? I’m about to give you another sneak peak at my life as an intern for the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show! I have now been an intern for about three months and I still love it! As I have mentioned before, I am constantly learning something new and getting more responsibilities.
I get to call people and tell them that they are contest winners, and it might be the greatest thing! I love hearing people’s excitement and shocked reaction. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty epic. I’m still answering the phone calls when I’m in the studio, so if you’ve called on TuesdayThursday, or Friday during the show you have probably talked to me!
Well...I got some unfortunate news…….. I am currently 0-3 when in comes to the Kelly/Alex Music Battle. I must say that I love participating in it, but I just can’t seem to get a victory. One day, one day I will pull a win out! Another thing that I have been able to help out with is making up quiz questions for contests. It is one of the hardest things I have to do. I say this because I need to come with questions that are basic knowledge to some, but tricky enough to stump others. It's definitely not as easy as it seems!

If you want to get involved in radio, this is the perfect internship for you! I’m serious; they make sure that you get to experience all aspects of radio. This internship has made me seriously consider a future in radio because I have absolutely loved every second of it. The whole company treats you like family, especially Ben, Kelly, and Alex.
I hope everyone has a MAGICAL day!
-         Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”
P.S. Sorry for messing up your burger, Alex! Whoops!! haha

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by Ben Davis posted Mar 19 2014 5:49AM
What’s up DJX fans? Thought I would drop you another line from behind the scenes here at DJX. I’ve been here about 6 weeks, and I’m still loving it. If you guys are interested at all in working in radio, I really recommend applying for an internship here. In the short time that I’ve been here, I have done a little bit of everything there is to do. I’ve now gotten a taste of writing 30-60 second promotions that have ACTUALLY BEEN READ ON THE AIR, practiced voice-tracking (kind of like pretending I have my own radio show), voiced 10 and 15 second radio commercials that will air this month, and worked closely with the promotions office on a ton of their events.
Working here has been an awesome experience and I look forward to learning and doing more as time goes on. I find myself doing most of my schoolwork assignments on what goes on here at the station. It’s such an easy topic to cover because there’s always something going on, always something to do, and every day really is something new and fun. Just last night I wrote a report on improving social media presence for a local company, and I wrote mine on the Ben Davis and Kelly K show. And a lot of what I do here doubles as an assignment that I can just turn in for school.
I never thought I would be able to get such a well-rounded experience here. I mean recording commercials? That’s awesome. Learning how DJX chooses the playlists? Very cool. There’s so much more that goes into running a radio show/station that I didn’t realize.
I’ve heard from several jealous friends that I have the coolest job/internship ever. And I would definitely have to agree. Talk to you guys later!

by Ben Davis posted Mar 19 2014 5:44AM
Howdy y’all!
The more time I spend at 99.7 WDJX on the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show, the more I love my internship. I’m always learning something new, and I feel more and more comfortable around the studio. I get to be involved with a little bit of everything, which is helping me see what it’s really like to work in the industry.
The thing that I really enjoy about the internship is that I get to participate in activities that I would have never even thought about. An example is when I was the human rock for the curling competition for Ben and Kelly’s Olympics. Adding on to that I also helped Kelly win the wheelbarrow race, which ultimately pushed her to be the overall winner of their Olympics (And for the record we did not cheat… we were just clever haha).
One thing that I have grown to love is being behind the audio board. At first I hated running the board, it was very intimidating and I was deathly afraid of making a mistake. Having said that, I made my fair amount of mistakes, but now I look forward to the nine o’clock hour where I normally run the board. It’s nice knowing that Ben and Kelly trust me with that responsibility.
Getting to spend time with Ben, Kelly, and Alex has been a real pleasure because they treat you like family, and welcome you with open arms. I have never been scared to ask a question or have something repeated because they are so willing to help. I always tell people I have the best internship in the world because I’m not treated like a normal intern. I am treated like a normal employee, which is really great because it is preparing me for a real job.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
- Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”

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by Intern Reyna posted Feb 18 2014 10:51AM
Being an intern for The Ben Davis & Kelly K. Morning Show has been such a great experience. My time in the studio is only getting crazier, and I am being trusted with more responsibilities. My responsibilities range from answering the phone calls to coming up with promotions.

Ben recently used my voice for a few promotions; one for Free Ticket Friday for tickets for One Republic, and also for a music promotion. I’m not going to lie…..It’s pretty cool to hear my voice on the radio. I’ve been able to run the audio board more often, which is making my confidence go up when I’m behind it. This is important because I had a little mess-up in the beginning, but things are golden now!

One of my highlights so far at 99.7 WDJX has to be when I filled in for Kelly for a ticket giveaway. Ben and Alex surprised me with the information and let’s just say I was nervous. I participated in the Music Battle, and pretty much got crushed by Alex. I love being on air, so I’m hoping that I’ll get more opportunities to be on the show.

When I’m sitting in on the show I try to listen to how Ben, Kelly, and Alex interact with each other. They have amazing chemistry, and there is a lot to learn when watching them do their craft. I love that I am getting to put my hands in a little bit of everything, because it is helping me see what I want to do in the future.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
-Intern Reyna aka “Sassy Latina”

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by Kelly K posted Jan 31 2014 2:37PM
One word. Wackiness. This one little word sums up my time at 99.7 WDJX. While interning for the Ben Davis and Kelly K. Morning Show, I have discovered that this show is incredibly wacky..... And I love it!!! The best part of the internship is that Ben, Kelly, and Alex are all insanely fun on the air, as well as off. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to do an assortment of tasks to do. A few of the highlights were recording a commercial (ya, an actual commercial!!), practice voice tracking, and running the audio board. Answering the phone calls has become part of daily routine, which does not sound that fun but is actually very entertaining! There is a great amount of joy when people call in and have the chance to be on the radio. I do have to admit that there was a little accident that occurred with the audio board, which scared the living life out of me..... Whoops (Sorry Ben)!!! A hot topic in the studio is what our intern names should be. The names that have been thrown around for me are intern Sassy Latina, Selener (Alex's choice), and Dora the Explorer! Personally, I love all three! Part of the show is being able to laugh at yourself, and have a great sense of humor. I'm hoping for more crazy adventures with this crazy family, and I am excited for all the learning opportunities that will come.

Intern Reyna aka "Dora the Explora"
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by Kelly K posted Jan 31 2014 2:23PM

Week One!

When I learned that I would be interviewing with Kelly K for an internship at WDJX, I...Well I'm not gonna lie, I called my mom I was so excited. And I didn't even have the job yet. The interview went well and I got the gig, but despite the job description Kelly sent me, I still had little to no idea what really to expect. 
    The first thing I did when I got to the studio for my first day was...well I got lost for half an hour before Linda Lambert found me wandering in the lobby and kindly brought me to the right place, but the SECOND thing was to meet Ben Davis and listen in on my first in person Ben and Kelly show. It was a little surreal listening to the radio show from inside the studio, but I had been listening to this show since I was a little kid and it was pretty darn cool. Soon after I arrived, I got to meet another one of the Interns, Chris Smiley. We got to know each other a little bit and discussed our expectations and past experiences. I wouldn't meet the traffic girl, Alex, until the next time I came in, but things started to congeal into an identity of the DJX studio with names and faces.

    My first task was to come up with a few ideas for a segments that would go on the air. It was only my first day and I was already making content for a show. It was a very very small amount of content, but it was a nice feeling nonetheless. Since then, other content I have created has been used on the air as well, like stories for the celebrity sleaze. In fact, a pretty large portion of the time I have been here has been spent searching the internet for outrageous stories and celebrity gossip. I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of what makes for good content and discussion on the air, and what might seem interesting, but is really not newsworthy.

    Everyone likes to have fun here, and one of the recurring things at DJX is the Wheel of Dares. Well, to make a long story short, my name was chosen to spin the wheel and I ended up singing Daft Punk in a coffee shop not once, but twice on video. It was a little embarrassing but ultimately I'm glad I played along. I had fun with it. The people of Starbucks did not, however.

    I'm having a lot of fun here, and I'm looking forward to doing the next thing, whatever it may be. My time here continues to be the best part of my day and week. The most recent thing I've had the opportunity of trying is voice tracking. It was a little weird to hear my own voice through the headphones as I practiced introducing songs, but it was really neat to play with the software.


Intern Sam

by Ben Davis posted Oct 16 2013 1:58PM

Meet our Fall 2013 Intern...

Intern Party Gurl!!!

Follow her shenanigans HERE!

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