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Instant Karma

by Ben Davis posted Mar 28 2014 5:22AM
Tampa-area police have charged Jefferey White with leaving the scene of a crash. He was tailgating a woman on a wet road when he flipped her off as he passed her. The woman videotaped the incident and caught White as he spun out and crashed. Cops used the video to bust him.
Instant karma bro.... instant karma.

Moral of the story... take a deep breath and chill.

03/28/2014 5:24AM
Instant Karma
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03/28/2014 11:17AM
I think the fact that the lady (?) driver laughed at the crash shows who she is.
03/28/2014 12:29PM
Well maybe she should have got a ticket for using her cell phone! Or maybe I'm wrong it may not be illegal in the state she was in. But still she was putting herself in a place of distraction. Yeah he was an idiot for speeding but it looked like she was too since she showed how fast she was going. And I must be a tailgater because I only saw him close to her bumper for a little while during the video. And in the end when he is close to her it's because he's getting ready to pass her. I have seen people closer than that to cars.
03/28/2014 1:21PM
She is heartless. That man could have been injured and she just laughs. People these days are pathetic.
03/28/2014 1:52PM
Pot calling the kettle...
It is illegal to drive in the left lane. On a four-lane highway, the inner lane is for passing. You're supposed to pass then get back over. Not saying he was right, but I'd have been upset she was in the way too.
03/28/2014 3:41PM
bad driver
that lady wont be happy till she gets someone killed. Pass and get back in the right lane.
03/28/2014 4:36PM
Left lane road block
She cruises along in the left hand lane holding up people behind her on purpose. She didn't make him wreck, but she's far from innocent! Idiot drivers will never change. The guy should have just given her the finger and kept going.
03/28/2014 6:52PM
That lady provoked this incident by not yielding to his right of way by moving out of the passing lane! Passing lane cruisers tick everyone off! He just happened to pay the price for us all.
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