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by Ben Davis posted Sep 17 2014 7:38AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Watch as this 2 year-old puts us all to shame with her choreographed dance to Sia's "Chandelier."
What is life?

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 17 2014 5:49AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is already bookmarked on my computer...

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 17 2014 4:36AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
You remember Ylvis, right? They're the guys who sang 'What Does The Fox Say?' Well, they've released a new song called 'Trucker's Hitch'….

The song is about the struggle with mastering the "trucker's hitch" knot. Yup.


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 16 2014 8:55AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Haha... nice.

Remember last year, they had the "I Shipped My Pants" commercial that had everyone rolling....

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 16 2014 4:42AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The new official trailer for the "Hunger Games" is out for, "The Mockingjay Lives."
I can't WAIT until November 21st!


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 15 2014 5:47AM
Nathaniel, he's 27, is funny, has an amazing voice, and we just can't get enough of his Vine's. Like, a behind the scenes footage of the man who writes Ariana Grande's hit singles...

Celebrating Beyonce's birthday....

Realizing how much the champagne in Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" costs...

Dude even gets into fighting on Facebook....

Haha love it!


by Ben Davis posted Sep 15 2014 5:16AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

"Apparently Kid," Noah Ritter, apparently stars in an ad for FreshPet. Apparently, its a natural pet food company..... apparently.

by Ben Davis posted Sep 12 2014 6:33AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Love. This. Girl. Four-year-old Zariah Jalomo owns this bathroom mirror perfomance of "Let It Go" from Frozen.

by Kelly K posted Sep 11 2014 10:01AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

This kid is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S...

And little Jonah is pretty darn good too...
A few feel-good wedding dancing for ya! Enjoy!

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 11 2014 4:47AM
(Screen Grab: TamponRun)

Two high schoolers, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser, created
Tampon Run. It's a game where you toss tampons at bullies on the street, while trying to not let them get your supply. You can play the game from your computer - HERE!

Tampon Run was their final project for the program. It's a light-hearted statement against violence in video games and also the social stigma attached to that "time of the month."

They write, "Although the concept of the video game may be strange, it's stranger that our society has accepted and normalized guns and violence through video games. Yet we still find tampons and menstruation unspeakable."

Can you beat my score of 38?


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 10 2014 4:42AM
Tuesday, Apple made the big "announcment" about the latest member of its smartphone lineup, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. A couple points....
• The iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 64-bit A8 processor.
• The iPhone 6 Plus has an 8 megapixel camera.
• The iPhone 6 Plus' camera now also lets users take slow motion videos.
• There is also a new continuous autofocus mode in video and an improved front-facing camera for HDR "burst" selfies.

The iPhone 6 Plus will be available in three colors — gold, space gray and silver — on Sept. 19. Apple is pricing the iPhone 6 Plus at $100 more than the iPhone 6, meaning that it starts at $299 (with contract) for a 16GB device. A 64GB iPhone 6 Plus is $399 with contract and a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus is $499 with a contract. Pre-orders begin this Friday!!

Here's the 1st ad we've seen starring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. But you don't see their faces (awww)… all you get from them are their hands and hums... enjoy:

Check out the EVOLUTION of the iPHONE

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by Ben Davis posted Sep 9 2014 5:45AM
(Photo Credit: KFOR4)
Ready for this? An Oklahoma woman was allowed to pose for her driver's license wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head because it falls under the state's rules for religious head wear. Wait.... religious??

Yea, the woman claims she needs to wear the colander because it's part of her faith as a "Pastafarian" in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ok, just stop it now. You're making this up....

Pastafarianism was founded by an atheist in 2005 to protest against the teaching of creationism in school and to poke fun at religion. It uses the spaghetti strainer as its symbol because members believe an invisible alien made of spaghetti and meatballs created the universe after drinking heavily.

Hey, to each his own right?

You MUST see other fabulous driver's license pics of Pastafarians HERE!!


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 8 2014 11:14AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is why Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Aladdin, the Beast, Snow White's prince, etc, etc, etc.... would make awful boyfriends.

By the way, be listening all this week (9/8-9/12) for your tickets to Disney On Ice with Ben & Kelly!!


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 8 2014 5:52AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

So this video of a friendly dog in a spider costume terrorizing people has gone viral..... lol

Sylwester Wardega is "prankster" and his "dogspider" wears a furry body with big legs that shake as he trots around. Honestly, it would freak me out too!! The setups include the giant spider "feeding" on his dead body in an elevator, and torn body parts hanging in a subway. Two women who discover the elevator scene run screaming, while the subway victim gets caught in ropes resembling a spider's web.

by Ben Davis posted Sep 5 2014 6:49AM
Don't do drugs.... because then you start doing stupid things like trying to sell crumbled up Pop Tarts as crack cocaine to an undercover officer for $20....

The dude faces charges of selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance. smh


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by Ben Davis posted Sep 2 2014 5:15AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Meet Katrina Dewees. Her :06 video is entitled, "Anybody Afraid of Spiders?"


Nope, nope, nope, nope!!! I'll have none of that!!! Apparently the spider is a golden huntsman and not generally considered dangerous to humans. But WHO CARES???????? AHHHH!

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