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by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 1:01PM

The Internet has blessed us with this meaty little morsel...a side by side video of the Magic Mike XXL trailer performed dogs.  Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog...

So. Many. Jokes. Go home,'re drunk.  BUT IN A GOOD WAY.



by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 9:33AM
Photo Credit: Facebook

Ok...6-year-old Jaylyn KILLS it will her mega prego mom, Nikki!  


she kills me, im winded.. but this is as good as it gets lmao

Posted by Nikki Taylor on Friday, June 26, 2015


They should be having playdates with these guys....


#ParentGoals  #GetIt  #SLAY #BenandKellyProllyNeedToDoThisWithTheirKids


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People : Nikki Taylor
by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 6:59AM
Photo Credit:  YouTube


So what happens when some grandmas sit around a table and try to figure out what "bae", "ratchet" and "shade" mean? Potty mouths and hilarity.  That's what.  WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE!!!!



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by Kelly K posted Jun 29 2015 8:02AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

The Secret Life of Pets!!



Hotel Transylvania 2

Kung Fun Panda 3 we need real people in movies anymore?  #TeamAnimation

by Ben Davis posted Jun 29 2015 6:21AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

We know the pain too well...

by Kelly K posted Jun 26 2015 6:11AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Meet Shabani.  He's a gorilla at a zoo in Japan.  He's been there since 2007, but now...he's hot. And ladies are flocking to the zoo to check. him. out.  Oh yeah...and he's a dad.  Amps up the hot factor, eh ladies??
by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 4:48PM
(Photo Crtedit: YouTube)

Adidas unveiled UofL's new "Uncaged" football uniforms on Thursday!  What do you think?

Looking good!!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 5:22AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

When your friend is taking too long on the diving board....

by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 5:01AM
(Photo Credit: CBS)

Nightmares.  Pure nightmares.  This family in New Jersey bought their dream home; now claim they are being targeted by an alleged stalker calling himself “The Watcher” - nope. He is allegedly terrorizing the family to the extent that they haven’t moved into their million-dollar dream home!  Double nope! Three days after they bought the six-bedroom, $1.3 million home in June 2014, the family said they started receiving threatening letters saying the home has been, “the subject of my family for decades,” and claimed he was “put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming.” The family is now suing the previous owners, claiming they failed to disclose knowing about the problem.



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by Ben Davis posted Jun 24 2015 5:04AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

We're living in the future... Lexus has created a Hoverboard! The project has been in development over the last 18 months, but there’s really not much info on how it works (who cares). After seeing the demo video from Lexus, says the board is magnetic, which is how it floats. It's real but you won't be able to ride it anywhere. Lexus confirmed that there is a metal surface underneath the skate park. Lexus says it will offer up details on a "real, rideable hoverboard" in the coming weeks.  Can't wait!

This scene from "Back to the Future 2" could be a reality!!

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