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Haunted House Footage Gets Caught on News Broadcast

by Ben Davis posted Aug 4 2014 9:31AM
This right here is a whole lotta "nope."

Would this make you a believer?

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08/04/2014 9:33AM
Haunted House Footage Gets Caught on News Broadcast
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08/04/2014 5:44PM
Thanks for the share
This is interesting! Thats really creepy!!! Especially when she said the demon was on her and she couldnt breathe!
08/04/2014 6:57PM
Mr. Yep
They pushed the dag gone cat down the steps! That's outrageous! I mean how can they be mean to a kitty cat? Ya I bet they pinched and touched the hot blonde reporter, I would too! ;)
08/04/2014 9:17PM
R.L. Robey
Did ayone notice the orb fly up to the ladies mouth then turn direction completely at 1:19?
08/04/2014 10:05PM
@R.L. Robey: By "orb", you mean "the light coming from the camera turning around a corner to go into a dark room", I assume?
08/04/2014 10:14PM
Launch a anti tank missle and blow the House to obliteration. Ghost solved.
08/05/2014 2:15AM
Haha "when it came on me"
08/05/2014 4:19AM
Yeah, this happened
This is about three years ago... Check with your buddies at WXIX Cincinnati what happened when we did a live feed once
08/05/2014 5:13AM
5 min. Commercial first?
That's ad whole lotta nope for me...didn't wAtch
08/05/2014 8:10AM
Travel? Can't find it
I can't find the episode, says it's suppose to be on travel but I can't find it anywhere. The only ones on are this weekend and it's nothing about PA.
08/05/2014 9:10AM
I'm dubious...
My husband investigated paranormal phenomena for quite some time- as a serious undertaking. If he has taught me anything in conversation it is that hauntings are ALWAYS occurring for a reason. Find the reason for the spiritual "Unfinished Business" and help them resolve it. Why do people always scream demons rather than look for understanding and resolution? Because we're morbid and prefer the macabre rather than the rational. In all the years he did this voluntary work he never crossed swords with a single demon and discovered motives for every alleged haunting. Enough with the holy water nonsense. try some research and understanding first. Kindly keep in mind, in many cases, the house in question was theirs first.
08/05/2014 1:20PM
Ouji Boards
The only spirits that will make contact with you through a ouji board are fallen angels.... It is never a good idea to play with them. People are so narrow minded when it comes to the super-natural.
08/05/2014 3:19PM
You can get rid of them!!!
I've seen this before. In my own house... I blessed the house with anointing oil. Every door and window. They are gone now...! Yes shadow people/demons are real. But in the name of Jesus. They flee!
08/05/2014 4:55PM
I wish a spectral being would do me. Or a horse either one.
08/05/2014 7:41PM
I'm Convinced
No I would not be interested in living in a house that was haunted...
08/05/2014 8:14PM
same here
same thing same story i have..its almost the same exact story as mine
08/05/2014 10:28PM
Why is it that a closing door is never entirely in Frame?
08/05/2014 10:56PM
super hot
08/06/2014 3:30AM
just tricks that they have set up to make money along with sponsorship from the local media to get tourist to visit the area...
08/06/2014 3:32AM
Ghosts are not likely
I am a civil war re-en-actor and I have spent a lot of nights in old Forts and on old battlefields and I honestly haven't ever experienced anything I couldn't scientifically explain. To me paranormal things are interesting but with so many people looking for paranormal evidence I just think if ghosts were real some concrete evidence would have been found by now.
08/06/2014 9:01AM
The reporter who said she brung a wigi board is the demon, she trippin. A wigi board is black magic and thats the worst of all
08/06/2014 9:41AM
Brung a Wigi???? (Palm to forehead)
08/06/2014 11:20AM
Not convinced
"Would this make you a believer?" nope. News crews got "footage" of 9/11 and I don't believe that was entirely real either.
08/06/2014 11:40AM
demon semen
So when the demon would come on her, she couldnt move..... hmmmm thats some strong stuff right there
08/06/2014 1:11PM
Don't believe it
The only conclusion in which I would believe this is if either owner of the house ends up dead, or the news reporter or the journalist end up dead. Too many reasonable explanations like 1. The news had absolutely nothing to report on, I mean this is mediocre journalism at its finest. 2. A man was behind the door to pull it 3. Shadow guy? Can you say a weird light fixture in the basement or a flash camera?
08/07/2014 4:12PM
I do believe
I do believe this is true and Iwill tell you why. We occasionally have ghosts and demons in our house but they do not stay to long. My son kept seeing a shadow man in his room that would watch him sleep and through things in his room. Our friend from out of town came to stay with us one night and he was laying on the couch and saw a little girl in white in front of the bedroom door and watched her float through the ceiling. Every once in awhile things will fall on the floor in our bedroom that was sitting stable on our bed side table or my craft table and it was not even on the edge. My daughter also has had things move in her room or go missing for a few days and then appear in a different spot a few days later. At Christmas when we have our Christmas tree up every once in a while our tree lights blink and only one string of lights do it. These are not even blinking lights. To get rid of them when they stay more than a day or two, we just go around the house a few times a day and tell them to leave, this is our house not yours and they seem to leave. This only happens every once in a while I would say maybe every 6 months or so. There is a difference you can tell when something is put on by actors and when something is real. But have to know the difference and actually experience both to actually know.
08/08/2014 6:53AM
hypnotized society
I would love to see this world turn off the TV think to them selves for a min an realize that it's a promotion for the discovery channel now that this video was on the news its going to get thousands an thousands of brain dead people watching the dead files stop believing everything you see on TV this is why our world is ran by a bunch of rich idiots cause the people are so easly hypnotized by anything these days that we just will help them stay rich till the end of time
08/08/2014 11:50PM
End of the video
Towards the end when they catch the new video, it seems like the ball of light is trying to avoid the "Shadow". Very wicked.
08/09/2014 9:06PM
This same instance happened to me... It was a possessed table from an old civil war hospital/house on my great uncle's farm. We put it back where we found it and anointed our house with oil in the name of Jesus, and the poltergeist was no more. Safeto say, no more antiques for us...
08/11/2014 3:02PM
Night Visions Wva,
My Group would Love to Investigate this place !..We have Many years of Paranormal Experience and WILL get the answers you seek ...This is Too Anyone needing An Answer to Those "Un-answered Questions" Contact us at ..WeNever charge for are services-But if its a Very long way,we do ask for Help With Gas .Thanks
10/21/2014 8:05PM
I was involved with a historical society refurbishing a 1925 house. We used to have ghost hunts in that house because strange things went on while working in the house. At one point, my keys disappeared and I couldn't find them anywhere. I rememberlaying them on the couch . After about an hour I found them in another room on a table.
12/30/2014 6:25PM
Siamese cats
How about those scary Siamese cats on the counter with the eyes that light up?? I'm totally freaked because my daughter won those at a silent auction and we put them in our house and had very scary things happen!!! My son was attacked by something in his bed!! Scratches???
12/31/2014 10:37AM
its spelled ouija not wigi brun bruh
01/01/2015 6:54PM
I believe it so much I think I will explode
I was horrified by this story. Who wears that much hand jewelry and what's with the mirror window in the basement? Very scary. Also, what part of the country still goes by counties? Is this the dukes of hazard?
02/02/2016 2:23PM
Ya'll nuts
I just think she was hormonal
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