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by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 1:01PM

The Internet has blessed us with this meaty little morsel...a side by side video of the Magic Mike XXL trailer performed dogs. Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog...

So. Many. Jokes. Go home,'re drunk. BUT IN A GOOD WAY.


by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 9:33AM
Photo Credit: Facebook

Ok...6-year-old Jaylyn KILLS it will her mega prego mom, Nikki!

she kills me, im winded.. but this is as good as it gets lmao

Posted by Nikki Taylor on Friday, June 26, 2015


They should be having playdates with these guys....


#ParentGoals #GetIt #SLAY #BenandKellyProllyNeedToDoThisWithTheirKids

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by Kelly K posted Jun 30 2015 6:59AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

So what happens when some grandmas sit around a table and try to figure out what "bae", "ratchet" and "shade" mean? Potty mouths and hilarity. That's what. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE!!!!


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by Kelly K posted Jun 29 2015 8:02AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

The Secret Life of Pets!!



Hotel Transylvania 2

Kung Fun Panda 3 we need real people in movies anymore? #TeamAnimation

by Ben Davis posted Jun 29 2015 6:21AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

We know the pain too well...

by Kelly K posted Jun 26 2015 6:11AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Meet Shabani. He's a gorilla at a zoo in Japan. He's been there since 2007, but now...he's hot. And ladies are flocking to the zoo to check. him. out. Oh yeah...and he's a dad. Amps up the hot factor, eh ladies??
by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 4:48PM
(Photo Crtedit: YouTube)

Adidas unveiled UofL's new "Uncaged" football uniforms on Thursday! What do you think?

Looking good!!


by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 5:22AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

When your friend is taking too long on the diving board....

by Ben Davis posted Jun 25 2015 5:01AM
(Photo Credit: CBS)

Nightmares. Pure nightmares. This family in New Jersey bought their dream home; now claim they are being targeted by an alleged stalker calling himself "The Watcher" - nope. He is allegedly terrorizing the family to the extent that they haven't moved into their million-dollar dream home! Double nope! Three days after they bought the six-bedroom, $1.3 million home in June 2014, the family said they started receiving threatening letters saying the home has been, "the subject of my family for decades," and claimed he was "put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming." The family is now suing the previous owners, claiming they failed to disclose knowing about the problem.



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by Ben Davis posted Jun 24 2015 5:04AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

We're living in the future... Lexus has created a Hoverboard! The project has been in development over the last 18 months, but there's really not much info on how it works (who cares). After seeing the demo video from Lexus, says the board is magnetic, which is how it floats. It's real but you won't be able to ride it anywhere. Lexus confirmed that there is a metal surface underneath the skate park. Lexus says it will offer up details on a "real, rideable hoverboard" in the coming weeks. Can't wait!

This scene from "Back to the Future 2" could be a reality!!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 22 2015 4:39AM
(Photo Credit: People)

Congrats, South Williamson, Kentucky..... you've made the show. In the words of Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott, "The first question I would have would be, 'Why?' Why would they want to do it?"

The Pike County sheriff obtained arrest warrants after a video was posted on YouTube showing a man running naked through Walmart, pouring milk on himself, yelling he was on fire, while wearing a Halloween mask. Soooooo..... there's that.

David Daniels and Timothy Smith were arrested Saturday afternoon without incident and each charged with three counts: second-degree indecent exposure, first-degree disorderly conduct and third-degree criminal mischief. Their getaway driver is still on the loose. People of Walmart.... Eastern Kentucky edition.


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by Kelly K posted Jun 19 2015 7:02AM
Photo Credit: You Tube

Just some great stuff for all of the dads out there...we love you!!!

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 19 2015 5:53AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

If you've ever wondered what it's like in the studio during "Throwback Thursday," LouisvilleHumor came through and Periscoped the entire experience...

by Kelly K posted Jun 19 2015 5:03AM

...from TAYLOR SWIFT!!! Yes...there were tears. Kelly thought she needed to catch it all on video...

Alex got a special piece of mail today...

Posted by The Ben Davis & Kelly K Show on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And then Perez Hilton and Taylor HERSELF tweet about it....and the world explodes rainbows and unicorns!!!

UPDATE: Alex was interviewed by E! Online about her Taylor-experience! Read it HERE

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 18 2015 10:24AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Thank the good Lord for the Internet...and people with time on their hands. YAAASSS!

CLICK HERE for amazing photoshopped shots of Jurassic Kitten!!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 18 2015 5:58AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Finally a GOOD story out of Florida! Two boys were hailed as heroes this week when they rescued a pair of babies from a burning home!
Isiah Francis, 10, and Jeremiah Grimes, 11, ran into the burning mobile home after calling 911. The boys managed to find two of the four children trapped, ages 1 month and 8 months, and carry them to safety.
"I was nervous because there was so much smoke," Isiah says. "It was hard for me to see and all that." Luckily, his friend was there to help. "I took the infant, he took the older one and we ran back to his house," Jeremiah says. Fire officials arrived and rescued two other children from the home, ages 2 and 5, and they were in critical condition. A 19-year-old also was home at the time, and no information was available on whether he was injured. It was "really hot," says Jeremiah. "It felt like 150 degrees in there. I'm just thinking, 'Stay calm, keep your mind straight, stay focused on what you're doing.'"

Way to go, boys!


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 17 2015 7:14AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Ben received this e-mail the other day:
There's a man in Louisville. He's name is Howell Dawdy. He's unleashed brilliance upon the world today and I want to share. "Summer Cream" - If you see the brilliance, by all means you should share with your loudest voice. Because it's summer and he's my spirit animal. :)

And as a proclamation: I do not work with this man because I'd never want to soil the beauty of this untouched land. However he is at RYE's Back Porch Sessions on Thursday if you want to see it live!. I'll be there, dancing until someone tells me to stop because I'm scaring the children. Enjoy. It's summer.

Obviously, we had to see what this amazing song was all about....

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 17 2015 5:59AM
(Photo Credit: Twitter)

Oh, it's just a raccoon riding an alligator. Why? Florida.

"Richard Jones told WFTV in Orlando that he and his family were walking along the Oklawaha River watching alligators when his son walked through palm fronds to get a good picture. He said his son must have startled the raccoon, which he said then stumbled toward the water and hopped on top of the gator that was near the water's edge."

Beast mode.


by Ben Davis posted Jun 17 2015 4:59AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Why not turn your pregnancy announcement into a full-blown Britney Spears music video?

by Ben Davis posted Jun 16 2015 6:46AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

I'm going to go ahead and throw a NSFW on this. I'm pretty sure he says "tennies" referring to her tennis shoes.... but it sounds like something else!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 16 2015 5:04AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
Ed Sheeran once again proved why he's so amazing. Ed was in a mall, heard a fan singing "Thinking Out Loud" on stage, walked up, and began singing with her. Love it!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 16 2015 4:57AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Remember the guys behind the Spider Dog Prank? Well, they decided to scare Chris Pratt with dinosaurs. Awesomeness.


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 16 2015 4:51AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Finally, the trailer for the "Lifetime" movie Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have been working on airing, June 20th!

Inspired by a true story, A Deadly Adoption is a high-stakes dramatic thriller about a successful couple (Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig) who house and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes) during the final months of her pregnancy with the hope of adopting her unborn child.

by Ben Davis posted Jun 16 2015 4:50AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Dove Men's newest set of ads for Father's Day show videos of men finding out they're going to be fathers.... done.


by Ben Davis posted Jun 15 2015 7:13AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

You gotta try this new Reddit Challenge.... try not to laugh. If you lose, comment and tell us which clip made you laugh! (some clips NSFW)

by Ben Davis posted Jun 15 2015 5:09AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

How easy is it to spot Americans while abroad? According to a group of international students, there are signs.

While accent was a major factor, body size seemed to be just as important. A woman from Germany said, they are 'White, fat.' Her friend agrees, saying: 'Usually they have a bit more weight on their hips. They eat a lot of hamburgers, so if you see like a person with McDonald's, he's probably American.' Oh my......

by Ben Davis posted Jun 15 2015 5:02AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Seth MacFarlane was on the "Graham Norton Show" in the UK on Friday and got talked into performing Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" and "True Colors." in the style of Stewie and Peter Griffin. Brilliant.

by Kelly K posted Jun 12 2015 7:28AM
Photo Credit: YouTube
KSNT Reporter Katya Leick was trying to film a news segment at an army base in Kansas when some cicadas video buzz-bombed her report. Cicadas only come out of the ground every 17 years.

Katya tweeted:

Remember the one time Kelly K got attacked by cicadas shooting a TV commercial?


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 12 2015 7:00AM
(Photo Credit: Vimeo)

Get ready to laugh and cry your eyes out at the same time. Photographer Ben Moon made a deeply moving tribute to Denali, his dog, who passed away from cancer. The feels.


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 11 2015 5:05AM
(Photo Credit: Facebook)

After a police officer-involved crash, the news caught up with witness Courtney Barnes.
Ruby described the scene in all it's glory. Good news, the police officer injured in the crash could be released from the hospital today.
Must-see eyewitness description

SHARE THIS GREAT UPDATE!: Police Officer injured in crash could be released from the hospital today.We now have a better idea exactly how the wreck happened thanks to a MUST-SEE description from a person who claims to have witnessed the whole thing>

Posted by WLBT 3 On Your Side on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fabulous. You may remember Courtney from SYTYCD?

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by Kelly K posted Jun 10 2015 8:50AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

Guys...behold. MOCKINGJAY PART 2 TRAILER!!!!

Much YES. Is it November 20th yet???

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 10 2015 6:07AM

This new Miley Cyrus "Nightmare" released on Tumblr is making us feel some kind of way...

At this point, we don't have much info on it... but we like it!

Dr. Luke said it perfectly...


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 10 2015 5:29AM
(Photo Credit: WSVN)

There are toilet lizards in Florida...... actually toilet iguanas. A South Florida family found that an iguana was to blame for their blocked toilet. The family first noticed something was up when the daughter tried to flush the toilet and it filled with even more water. Uh oh.... toilet sweats.

Mom tried to use a plunger, but when the toilet remained clogged she called in a professional to come look at it. A Roto Rooter worker used her equipment to find out what was blocking the toilet. Turns out it was an iguana. Nope.

WSVN-TV - 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 10 2015 5:18AM
(Photo Credit: ESPN)
Coach Pitino here to stay! The Louisville Cardinals basketball team signed Rick Pitino to a four year contract extension through the 2025-26 season. New salary numbers were not given.

Coach Pitino has a record of 368-126 during his 14 seasons at Louisville. During his 30 years as a head coach his overall record is 722-254. Keep in mind, he was the first head coach to win a National Championship at two schools.... Kentucky in 1996 and Louisville in 2013.

Congratulations coach!

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by Kelly K posted Jun 8 2015 7:23AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

This is making the rounds...60-year-old Shirley Clements is a Canadian dance teacher and KILLED it during a dance competition with her students! Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her website!

by Ben Davis posted Jun 8 2015 5:41AM
Shots fired(?).

Katy Perry has registered a song called '1984' with BMI. What does this mean? Well, it's either a well-crafted decoy (knowing people would freak out), a legit song she's writing that just so happens to have the title as the year she was born, OR it's a direct shot at Taylor Swift's '1989' (the year Taylor was born).

Yea, that's what we think too....

by Ben Davis posted Jun 5 2015 10:58PM
Congratulations Kentuckiana Class of 2015!! It's the exclusive remix of "See You Again"! Share with your friends!

by Kelly K posted Jun 5 2015 6:37AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

9-year-old John Anthony is a 3rd grader from Tampa, FL who just did a DJ set at Tampa's Sunset Music Festival. Oh…he's been doing gigs since he was 6. His dad owns a nightclub and he spins there…but only until his 9pm bedtime! Full story HERE.

Check out his promo video!
And then there is Mykel Lewis…he is an 11-year-old from Jonesboro, Arkansas who performed Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" at his elementary school talent show. It earned him a standing ovation halfway through the song. Slay Mykel...slay.
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by Ben Davis posted Jun 5 2015 5:25AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Here's the first trailer for "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" - coming to Syfy, July 22nd at 9pm. Enjoy.

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 4 2015 8:21AM
(Photo Credit: HERE)

Thanks Florida. Christinan was arrested on charges of disturbing the peace after he was caught... dancing atop a sheriff's deputy's cruiser. Why? He had been threatened by vampires. Ok then....


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 3 2015 6:12AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The original was released in 2001.... 15 years later, on July 16th, we get to see the sequal, "Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser."

by Ben Davis posted Jun 3 2015 5:18AM
(Photo Credit: WMAR)

Imagine moving into your new home and finding out someone was already living there... like a BUNCH OF SNAKES!!! Nooooooooope!
ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

After finding three snakes, they packed up, moved out, and are filing a lawsuit. One pest control company said the problem, which stemmed from the children's former play room, was so bad that the only option was to "burn the house down and let it sit for 15 years." Yea. Oh and not to terrify you even more, but this couple found a snake casually eating one of their eggs off their counter... done.


by Ben Davis posted Jun 2 2015 5:09AM
(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Meet Caitlyn Jenner, who debuted herself on the cover of Vanity Fair, also joined Twitter on Monday so everyone can "get to know her/me."

In the Vanity Fair cover story, Caitlyn says "If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, 'You just blew your entire life.'" She also says in a behind-the-scenes video of her photoshoot with the magazine, "Bruce always had to tell a lie. He was always living that lie. Every day, he always had a secret, from morning till night. Caitlin doesn't have any secrets."

In about four hours, Caitlyn's account became the fastest growing Twitter account to reach 1 million followers.

Reaction to Caitlyn has been overwhelmingly positive...

ESPN will present Caitlyn Jenner with the "Arthur Ashe Courage Award" on July 15 at its annual ESPYs ceremony, which is basically the Academy Awards for sports.

by Ben Davis posted Jun 1 2015 5:30AM
(Photo Credt: YouTube)

This is a whole-lotta-NOPE! This guy in Missouri posted a video to YouTube of a huge spider crawling out of his ear canal..... and then burrowing back in. Nooooooooooope!!
The man was dealing with earaches after swimming and used his phone to find out what the problem was. He captioned the video, "Disturbing content!! Swam at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend and got a super painful ear infection. Totally blocked ear canal. Tried to use my phone's camera to see if I could see anything. Found this!"

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by Ben Davis posted Jun 1 2015 5:08AM

A Michigan pig escaped from his owner Thursday, briefly terrorizing the community. At one point, the pig charged at a woman only to get distracted by a "decorative ball."

So then the Shelby Township Police Department were called and arrested the pig. That's when things got out of control. "Well, lets say the pig either out of excitement or otherwise felt the need to use the back seat of our patrol car as a bathroom," Deputy Chief Mark Coil said. Then this picture was taken...

I don't have the full story yet, but one of the guys on the road just sent me in custody. Can't wait to hear all about THIS caper. (Owner did call and apparently piggy has been returned home.)

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Thursday, May 28, 2015

If you have been following our piggy story, you will get a kick out of this. Officer Treworgy just sent me this "post arrest" video of the "perp". You can hear Tree say something like " yup, that's in my police car"..... Almost like he's trying to convince himself that there is actually a pig in the back of his patrol car. Lol!

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Friday, May 29, 2015

"Now we know why the pig is smiling....." The pig was later returned to its owner.


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by Ben Davis posted Jun 1 2015 4:25AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Thanks, Florida. Police arrested 82-year-old, Fred Smith, for slashing Ethel's tires because he claims she was sitting in his favorite bingo seat. Yep.
Ethel just celebrated her 88th birthday! Oh Ethel!!


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