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Alpha Media currently has the following job openings:

Board Operator / Tech
Alpha Media is seeking a part-time board operator and event tech who can excel in a fast paced, challenging environment. Basic knowledge of broadcasting studio equipment and digital editing required. Minimum 1 year related experience preferred. Radio Production and Promotions experience helpful.
Required Skills
Operator control board for studio and remote programming.
Regulate timing of programs, operates syndicated programming and plays commercials.
Off-air support of commercial production, dubbing music to hard disk and programming automation computers.
Monitor and update weather, traffic and news report into automation equipment.
Assist with remote appearances.
Required Experience
High school graduate with six month related experience and/or training.
Good organizational and time management skills.
Ability to work without direct supervision.
Must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays.

If interested in a position, please contact Jake Minton, at jminton@mainlinelouisville.com. 


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