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Congrats E-Town, You've Made the Show

by Ben Davis posted Feb 6 2014 5:57AM
Meet June...

You see, June has quite a history with grocery stores and crashes.  First off, Elizabethtown police said June decided to ram her car right into the front entrance of a busy Kroger store, injuring two people; THANKFULLY not seriously.
In fact, officers said June bought her 2006 four door Lincoln earlier in the day for the SOUL PURPOSE of crashing it into the store.  But that's not the 1st time she's done this.
(wait, did Kroger sleep with her boyfriend or something??) News, Weather

Police said she was charged more than a decade ago with doing the EXACT SAME THING at another Elizabethtown Kroger.

She is now facing charges of DUI, assault, criminal mischief and wanton endangerment charges.

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Location : Congrats E-town
02/06/2014 6:01AM
Congrats E-Town, You've Made the Show
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02/06/2014 11:55AM
This is why we cant have nice things, E-Town.
02/06/2014 12:22PM
some people's kids
I hope she has enough reward points to cover that
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