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Bigger Than Basketball...

by Kelly K posted Mar 25 2014 9:21AM
With all the NCAA tournament hype...this story is so much bigger than that.  Not going to lie...a little bit of a Michigan State fan now because of Adreian Payne. Get out your tissues!!  Full story HERE!


UPDATE:  Sadly, Lacey lost her battle with cancer.  During their many public appearances together, Payne would often carry Holsworth, and they most recently appeared together at a slam-dunk championship last week in Dallas.


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03/25/2014 9:25AM
Bigger Than Basketball...
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04/10/2014 9:23AM
Such sad news!
I am so sad to hear about the death of Lacey. Adreian, you are a hero by making that little girls final days such happy ones. Prayer to Lacey's family and may she rest in peace.
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