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by Ben Davis posted Apr 17 2015 6:19AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

ESPN suspended reporter, Britt McHenry, for a week after video leaked online showing her belittling a parking-lot attendant.

Britt was angry about having her car towed and the video shows her telling the attendant that she has no education and no skillset.... adding that she has a brain, and the woman doesn't. As she leaves she tells the attendant to "lose some weight, baby girl."

She later apologized on Twitter:

Punishment fit the crime? What do YOU think should have happend?


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 17 2015 5:16AM
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YES! Episode VII in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters December 18, 2015.

by Ben Davis posted Apr 15 2015 9:19AM
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This tribute video is going around online of, Jamie Costa, who made impressions of various Robin Williams characters, and they are SPOT ON!!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 15 2015 5:51AM
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Jesse Meek and his wife, Melissa, posted the this pretty solid baby announcement rap to the "Fresh Prince" theme.

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by Kelly K posted Apr 14 2015 1:49PM

Where were YOU when you heard the news???

Reactions to #NSYNCgate2015 Feel free to share your own. Also, I'm sorry. Love, Alex

Posted by The Ben Davis & Kelly K Show on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#NSYNCgate2015 - where were you when it happened?

A video posted by 99.7 DJX (@997djx) on

by Kelly K posted Apr 14 2015 9:01AM

If there was one song you had to listen to for the rest of your life...what would it be??



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by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2015 8:02AM
Our new favorite app is Dubsmash... it's a cool app that you can choose from 1,000s of different sound clips and add your video dubbing over that line.

That escalated quickly.

A video posted by Ben Davis (@bendavisradio) on

We want to see yours!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2015 5:42AM
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Little man learns that Hillary Clinton is running for president and breaks down... HE wants to run for president! Haha

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 13 2015 6:49AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

A Los Angeles woman posed with her pet tarantula and allowed it to bite her hand on camera. Nope, nope, nope, noooooooooooope.

She held it up to the camera as it dug its fangs into her skin. (I'm going to barf) The woman filmed the moment at her home and remained calm throughout the video, but later suffered a reaction to the spider's venom.

She wrote online that the tarantula was showing aggression or possibly testing her fangs. She says the effects of the venom are more painful than the actual bite of the spider.

I'm done. Done, done, done. If you need me, I'll be curled up in the corner sucking my thumb.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 12 2015 8:59AM
During the Kentucky Derby Festival's Basketball Classic, future U of L Cardinal, Donovan Mitchell, wins the slam dunk contest with this dunk!
Ben Davis was a judge and captured this video from the floor! BOOM!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 12 2015 8:03AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Cornell Haynes, aka Nelly, aka Mo, is facing felony drug charges after being arrested in Tennessee on Saturday.

Tennessee Highway Patrol said in a news release that Nelly's bus was pulled over, troopers smelled marijuana, and after a search, found five rocks that tested positive for meth, as well as a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Troopers also say they found numerous handguns.

Nelly was released from Putnam County Jail on a $10,000 bond. His next court date is June 19. In a statement, his lawyer said that "there had been 15-20 people that had access to the bus prior to the stop," CNN reported.

Drugs are bad. I wonder if this will be in season 2 of "Nellyville?"


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 10 2015 7:49PM
(Photo Credit: Imgur)

Forget the dress... the Internet NEEDS TO KNOW IF THIS CAT IS GOING UP OR DOWN THE STAIRS!!!

I will not rest until I figure this out!!
View post on

So what do you think? Comment below! BTW.... I think it's going down the stairs.

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by Kelly K posted Apr 10 2015 8:33AM
Photo Credit: YouTube

This is making the rounds. Sketch comedy troupe Studio C is behind this...and it is 100% HYSTERICAL! Guaranteed to make you spit liquid out your nose, laugh out loud and turn your day completely around.

Scott Sterling for PRESIDENT!!

Buy the T-Shirt. Or this T-Shirt.

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 10 2015 5:01AM
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These two girls on a theme park ride represent all of us... I'm right girl allthe way! LOL

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 9 2015 6:54AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
It's good to see we're not the only immature ones...

by Kelly K posted Apr 8 2015 6:44AM
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An Australian singer-songwriter named Daniel Buccheri wrote and performed an incredibly beautiful mash-up for his best man's speech at his brother's wedding. He combined six different songs with original lyrics that are funny and touching.

Slow clap for Daniel!!

More HERE.
by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2015 5:24AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sesame Street tackled "Game of Thrones" with their own version, "The Game of Chairs." Only this version will determine who will be king or queen of Jesteros. Carry on.

by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2015 4:49AM
(Photo Credit: CJ)
One of the workers for the Ohio River Bridges project strapped a Go-Pro to his helmet and let the public see downtown Louisville like never before! That height has me all like, nooooooooooope!

By the way, you'll be able to drive on it by January 2016.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 6 2015 7:25AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Someone better check Tom's computer history...

by Ben Davis posted Apr 6 2015 5:51AM
So Wisconsin beat the Cats Saturday night, 71-64 in the Final Four, ending Kentucky's perfect season and chance at a 9th National Championship.
But those poor couches in Lexington didn't stand a chance.

Imagine if they had won? But, Coach Cal did pick up the Naismith National Coach of the Year Award.

And Andrew Harrison, remember those mics in front of you, pick up sound. Hear the NSFW clip of what he said in the press conference following their loss HERE.

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 3 2015 6:33AM
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A model on 'The Price Is Right' accidentally flipped over the winning card during a game when she wasn't supposed to, yep the contestant won the car... whoops.

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 3 2015 6:16AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

A little girl explains, in the best way, why her father is wrong for having a celebrity crush on Kim Kardashian... PREACH!

by Kelly K posted Apr 2 2015 1:07PM
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So we got this call from Joe who wanted to pull an epic prank on his wife for April Fool's. It involves some homemade chocolates, a mold that should NEVER be seen made, and Miss Caroline (the elderly neighbor). If you dare, HERE is the inspiration behind Joe's chocolate-making project. (Eh...heh heh. We said "behind"...) #RealLife


Thanks to our awesome listeners for all your help!!

We. Can't.

by Ben Davis posted Apr 2 2015 5:34AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

This is an example of a physics demontration gone wrong.... when you take an axe to the junk. Cringe!

The student seen here filming told Reddit:

He was just fine - it was a graze - not a full on partitioning. The person holding the axe is a member of staff (either an assistant principal or a hall monitor) that we asked to come help with the demonstration. The teacher walked funny for like a couple of days and then he was just fine.

That's good.

by Ben Davis posted Apr 2 2015 4:57AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

When you have an 8 yr-old son who needs his tooth pulled, and you live in Florida.... you tie a string to his tooth, the other end to your Camero and hit the gas.

Here, hold my beer...

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 1 2015 6:50AM
(Photo: Facebook)

Thanks to listener, Alex for this! She said, "This is my best friend's little brother, Treyson. He is the biggest cards fan ever and he's going viral!"

Treyson Cards Hype intro

Posted by Tim Noland on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 1 2015 5:23AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
Happy April Fools' Day. Remember to have fun today...

But always remember, your prank can go horribly wrong...

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