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by Ben Davis posted Apr 18 2014 10:45AM
It's called "Bubble Football," it's played in Italy and it looks AMAZING!!!!

PLEASE tell me someone around here will start a league!

by Ben Davis posted Apr 18 2014 6:29AM
The single greatest .gif on the internet at this time.

Puppies betta' RECOGNIZE!!!

by Ben Davis posted Apr 18 2014 6:04AM
Awwww.... watch as this little boy hugs a chicken.

...either that or he's whispering in its ear, "I want to eat you."

But probably not. haha

by Ben Davis posted Apr 17 2014 7:53AM
This is everything I envision the Easter Bunny to be.... just chillin' getting his bath before the big day.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 16 2014 12:44PM
OMG!!! This makes me laugh EVERY time I watch it!!

He says, "I tried to take a selfie while a train passed a "safe" distance behind. I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head."

Bahahaha!! (Please don't EVER do this)

by Ben Davis posted Apr 16 2014 6:11AM

Louisville Male High School is mourning the death of student Maddie Yates, who took her life after posting a heartbreaking video explaining her decision to YouTube.
The video was posted around 6 p.m. Monday, and by the next day, it was threatening to go viral in Louisville, watched more than 10,000 times before it was taken down from YouTube around 4:30 p.m.

The video took a look into her struggle with depression and anxiety. On her final descision, she says, "I know that it's not OK for me to be doing this, but I just can't do it anymore.... remember that I am doing you a favor." She goes on to say, "I just don't see how this is a bad idea," and describes it as the difference between deciding to jump from a burning building or staying in it and dying "a slow, excruciating death."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who knew and loved Maddie.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, there is HELP.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Need help? Call 1-800-273-8255
More HERE and HERE

by Kelly K posted Apr 15 2014 6:15AM
This Southwest flight attendant found a fun way to perk up her passengers…with a little comedy routine as she gave the safety rundown!She threw out there: 'Position your seatbelt tight, low and across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra,' and passengers started realizing they weren't hearing the typical information. She added that if they landed near a hot tub 'everybody gets their very own teeny weeny yellow Southwest bikini' - as other staff held up life jackets. Other fun quotes: 'To activate the flow of oxygen, simply insert 75 cents for the first minute…Although that plastic bag may not inflate, you are receiving lots and lots of gin. Oxygen that is.'

Check out the video! She's hoping she's get to meet Ellen or Jimmy Fallon after this!

More HERE!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 15 2014 6:11AM
So Twitter and the airlines have had an interesting week....

First off, you had the 14 yr-old who tweeted American Airlines with this "joke" then got arrested (story here).

Then, not to be outdone...US Airways had to apologize for an extremely graphic photo that it shared, depicting a naked woman in a sexual position with a toy plane.

But the responses from Twitter have been nothing short of amazing.

More HERE and HERE

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2014 10:24AM
This father decided to film his daughter Lotte everyday saying, "I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old an then made this time lapse edit."

So cool!


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2014 6:56AM
Just in time for prom... the KFC Fried Chicken Corsage. YES YES YES!!

This is so great. KFC has teamed up with Nanz & Kraft and for $20 you can order the corsage (HERE).

There have already been 20 orders for the accessory and even a request from a wedding party in Kentucky, said Rick Maynard, a KFC spokesman.

More from ABC

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2014 5:10AM
This might be an interesting twist to the age old sport....

VITTEL 'Horse Riding' from CZAR.BE on Vimeo.

Ladies, I'm pretty sure you can still wear your nice hats to this...

by Ben Davis posted Apr 14 2014 4:55AM

...... and when I say "best Wheel of Fortune player ever," I mean "worst Wheel of Fortune player ever."

Wow. I'm going to chaulk this up to nerves, but IU student Julian recently lost his chance at winning one million dollars, a car, and trips to London and Jamaica. And he did it, again and again, in the most embarrassing ways possible. *face palm*

One of the defining moments of this video is when Pat is talking to Shelby about how to solve the puzzle right next to Julian.... hahaha next time buddy!


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 11 2014 9:50AM
New statistics (2014 Louisville Metro Health Equity Report) have been released showing the life expectancy of residents in the 502. It breaks it down by neighborhood... so say for example you live in Old Louisville or downtown, you can expect to live around 71 years; if you live in Fairdale about 75.

The winner? Congratulations 40207... residents of St. Matthews, are likely to live to 82.


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by Kelly K posted Apr 11 2014 7:58AM

A 9-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after he walked nine miles in the snow to save his dad's life. Over the weekend, Bode Beirdneau and his dad John Taylor were snowmobiling near Lake Tahoe when Taylor's snowmobile tipped and trapped him under it. Shaky cellphone video shows first responders arriving in the back country on Sunday after Bode showed them where to find Taylor. Bode said, "I jumped off my snowmobile and tried to dig him out….I dug him out as fast as I could, but my fingers got numb." Unlike Tuesday, when Body sat down for a snack at the kitchen table, he and his dad were without food or water in the back country. He had no choice but to dig through the pain, and then set off for help.

"I was pretty nervous, and it was just a lot of pressure on me," he said. "I didn't know where to go, and it was hard." He would eventually flag down a tour group that radioed for help. Helicopters airlifted Taylor to the hospital where doctors performed emergency surgery on his broken leg.

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 11 2014 7:16AM
Sisters Kandace and Kayla from Louisville wore complementary electric blue and hot pink dresses for their double wedding.

Look at that BLING!!

Awww... congrats!!

The drama!!!


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 11 2014 5:25AM
Dr. Guan Zhu was driving his minivan Tuesday afternoon and coming to a stop at an intersection when a cement truck driver coming from the opposite direction ran the red light and lost control, causing his truck to roll over and smash into Dr. Zhu's van...... WOW.

Incredibly, Dr. Zhu didn't poop his pants and only suffered minor injuries. He installed a dash camera about a year ago in case he was involved in an accident... hmmmm.

The cement truck driver only suffered minor injuries and was ticketed.

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 10 2014 4:55AM

There is a new viral wedding video going around from a San Francisco couple named Bambo and Janice.
They decided to announce the date of their wedding (Saturday, July 12th) with a "trailer" that involves a helicopter and quotes from the Great Gatsby.

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

Insane. By the way, I want to go to any wedding where the couple getting married are "Bambo and Janice."

Oh and here are some thoughts from Major Diamond Productions on working with the couple:
  • They love Jay-Z.
  • They love the trailer for The Great Gatsby.
  • They have huge parties every year that they are know for throwing amongst their friends.
  • They love to surprise people.
  • They are more willing than most people that we know to step outside of their comfort zone in order to be creative!!!
  • The keyword for this project was EPIC.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 9 2014 9:31AM
Nick Chipman, a guy who previously created the seven layer breakfast sandwich, has gone nuts with this alphabet burger.

So yea, that means that it contains an ingredient for every single letter in the alphabet.

If you're keeping track it includes:
Fish sticks
Garlic bread
Italian sausage patty
Jalapeño peppers
Krispy Kreme doughnut
Macaroni and cheese
Onion rings
Quest blanco dip
Ramen noodles
Turkey burger
Usingers bratwurst
Veal Parmesan
Xylocarp (coconut)


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 9 2014 6:07AM
OMG!!!! Props to our listener Lauren for passing this along... she writes:

This is my 4 year old nephew that lives in CT but is a KY fan at heart. His mom and dad are from here but moved to CT for the Navy. This was his reaction to UK's loss when he found out first thing this morning.

The pain is real guys....

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by Kelly K posted Apr 9 2014 6:03AM
A group of former Taco Bell interns claim they came up with the $1 billion idea for a Dorito-shell taco nearly 20 years ago, and they have pictures to prove it.
The group came up with the idea as part of a Taco Bell-sponsored contest during the summer of 1995, former intern Andrea Watt told Huffington Post's Jillian Berman. As we know, Taco Bell released the Doritos Locos Taco in 2012. The item is the most successful product in Taco Bell's history. "I'm sure I signed away that anything I pitched to them was their property anyway," Watt told Berman. "I would just like someone to recognize that it was a good idea."

Yes…yes it was.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 9 2014 5:53AM
hahaha this dad decides to video-bomb his daughter's epic rendition of "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen."


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 8 2014 9:06PM
No one tell Max he's wearing the box... hahaha

by Kelly K posted Apr 8 2014 7:18AM
The Feds released a disturbing new 30-second video that they're hoping will 'inspire drivers to keep their phones in their pockets while behind the wheel'. According to, about 421,000 people were injured in automobile crashes that involved a distracted driver in 2012. A study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that roughly 25 percent of teens respond to a text at least once every time they drive. Another study found that the average time a driver has their eyes off the road while texting is five seconds. WARNING: SHOCKING VIDEO!


by Kelly K posted Apr 7 2014 11:21AM

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine out today....but not as the bride! She's a bridesmaid in her brother, Blaine's wedding back in October!


by Ben Davis posted Apr 7 2014 5:03AM
For 3 months this dad recorded Vine's of his Saturday mornings with his daughter. This just shows the awesomeness of Saturday monrning parties... and one day she'll look back and see that he really did enjoy them!

by Ben Davis posted Apr 4 2014 5:53AM
UPDATE: TMZ says that "Kyle" the Chupacabra has been put down. Pour one for Kyle.

The mythical "El Chupacabra" is REAL (and apparently living in Texas). Ratcliffe, Texas Resident Jackie Stock said her husband caught the creature Sunday night saying, "He called me to come and look, and I said 'Bubba that looks like a baby chupacabra.'"

According to legend, chupacabras suck the blood of cows and goats. Although there's never been real evidence these things exists, sightings of chupacabras have been reported from Latin America to the southern U.S.

By the way... wildlife biologists think it's some sort of canine.


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 3 2014 10:37AM
This simple Instagram photo below caused the hearts in millions of teenage girls worldwide to explode.

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have posted photos to hint at the fact these 2 are working together. Justin shared the same photo with a different caption....

My inner teenage girl just can't right now.

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by Kelly K posted Apr 3 2014 6:49AM

Best. Man. Ever!

Bradley Bredeweg's best friend since the age of 16, Stephanie Huntington, was getting married. So Bradley surprised her with the gift of an awesomely choreographed dance to Britney Spears' "Work B***h". He said, 'We all know that marriage takes love and care, but marriage also takes a lot of work,' Bredeweg says, and then after a short pause for effect: 'So... you better work b***h.' Then 8 professional dancers join him for the epic performance it took a month to create. It helps that Bredeweg is the creator of the ABC show "The Fosters", so he had some connections.

Britney even heard about it and tweeted:


by Ben Davis posted Apr 3 2014 4:56AM
This makes us love Ed Sheeran even more… Triona Priestley, a 15-year-old girl battling cystic fibrosis, died in Dublin on Tuesday — just moments after her idol Ed Sheeran sang her to sleep on the phone.

Her dying wish was to make contact with Ed and was granted after family and friends started a #SongForTri campaign on Twitter that got the attention of his camp. Ed Sheeran called Triona in the hospital and sang her favorite song, "Little Bird" as she listened.

It was the last thing she ever heard.

Her brother Colm says, "Myself and my family would like to thank Ed Sheeran and everyone who started and supported the #SongForTri campaign. What they gave us and her was a beautiful last moment together," he continued. "Triona slipped into a sleep as Ed was singing to her and passed away shortly afterwards." After she died, Sheeran tweeted this:


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by Ben Davis posted Apr 2 2014 5:16AM
Peopl getting on Virgin Australia Flight 0970 got hit in the face with a full-on live performance.

Disney on Broadway reps said, "After an amazing day at 'The Lion King Brisbane' season launch announcement, members of our Australian cast felt so elated they decided to sing the 'Circle of Life' prior to take off on their flight back to Sydney!

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by Kelly K posted Apr 1 2014 8:44AM

Chamangeni Zulu recently allowed a hyena to eat his manhood because an African witch doctor said doing so would make him rich.

Zulu tells the Times of Zambia, ''I met some business persons who told me the best way to become rich was to sacrifice parts of my body. I was instructed to be naked and a hyena came to me and started eating my toes and eventually my manhood was eaten. Even if I have lost some important parts of my body, I still want to get rich.''


More HERE.

by Ben Davis posted Apr 1 2014 7:26AM
A look back... at an April Fools prank gone wrong.

This woman calls her sister claiming she shot her husband... right. Then the sister calls another family member, which gets around to the cops who show up to the house guns drawn.
Guess what? It was all an April Fools Day prank and her husband was alive. We can all learn a lesson here....

Be careful today!!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 1 2014 6:50AM
We're getting into the crazy weather season here in Kentuckiana... this guy in Oklahoma seems to be new to this whole "weather" thing.

He goes into full on freak out mode about :40 in.... WARNING THERE ARE SWEARS!

Step aside Jim Cantore!

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by Ben Davis posted Apr 1 2014 5:54AM
Miley Cyrus just released the album art for "Adore You" the remix.

Annnnnnd she's straddling a plaster horse and showing a bit of boobie....

Well, the full image has leaked online and it's definitely NSFW.


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