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by Ben Davis posted Jan 30 2015 11:30AM
(Photo Credit: ABC)

On Justin Timberlake's birthday, he posted this picture confirming he and Jessica Biel are going to be parents!!!  Congratulations!

What is your guess... boy or girl?

by Ben Davis posted Jan 30 2015 5:32AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Two YouTubers made a mashup of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud," and Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" and it's pretty solid.

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 29 2015 11:52AM
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This commercial will be the most talked about during the Super Bowl.... no doubt. Powerful.

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 29 2015 6:13AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)
Everyone knows Kidz Bop right?  Those are the compilation CD's featuring kids performing a bunch of pop songs.  Now, not every pop song is 'kid friendly,' so they clean up the lyrics when they're performed.  One of the tracks off the new Kidz Bop 27 is Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." Well, people started freaking out because instead of singing "I'm bringing booty back" like in the original version, it sounds like the kids are singing, "I'm bringing anal back."

Now to be honest, they actually say, "I'm bringing it all back."  Well done, Kidz Bop... well done. 


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by Ben Davis posted Jan 29 2015 5:45AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

I love these guys... Key and Peele are on Comedy Central and released their Super Bowl, 'East West Bowl' sketch.  They got some real players to make cameos too! (Prince Amukamara, Fozzy Whittaker, Ishmaa'ily Kitchen, Frostee Rucker and Aaron Rodgers)

by Ben Davis posted Jan 29 2015 5:13AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Taylor Swift has just trademarked 5 catchphrases from her latest album 1989.... because when you're Taylor, you can do that.  They are:
  • “Party Like its 1989,”
  • “This Sick Beat,”
  • “Cause We Never Go Out Of Style,”
  • “Could Show You Incredible Things,” and
  • “Nice To Meet You, Where You Been.”


Each phrase has a specific group of prohibited items associated with it. You can check them out in their entirety at Justia.


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by Ben Davis posted Jan 29 2015 5:08AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The new Budweiser commercial airing during the Super Bowl has been released and it contains Clydesdale's, a puppy, and a hard working, warm blooded man! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 28 2015 5:34AM
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The 'Baracksdubs' YouTube channel has done a bunch of these mash-ups and this time has made a mash-up of President Obama singing Bruno Mars' 'Uptown Funk'...

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 28 2015 5:07AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

"This Morning" in the UK is like the the "Today Show" here in the US and the segment on "Doga" (dog yoga) gets ruined (?) when a couple of dogs begin humping…. #forthewin

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by Ben Davis posted Jan 27 2015 6:00AM
(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Move over Roker.... this "weatherman" in Maine is ready for the big leagues.  With the massive snow storm hitting the Northeast, he reminds you:
Be Prepared have your Winter Boots, Winter Jackets, Hats, Gloves, Scarfs and Ski Pants Ready and Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food and Buy Cases of Pspsi and Coke and Do your Grocery Shopping Don't Wait until the Last Minute Do it Right Now.

Yes!! Order your pizza and Chinese food NOOOOOOOW!

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