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Hello, my name is Alex! I am also the self-proclaimed "Chicken Nugget Princess". I have worked for DJX since November 2012.  I read traffic on the Ben Davis and Kelly K Show every morning. In high school I was very involved in radio/tv and journalism. I wrote a very popular fashion column where I talked about fashion and beauty trends, tips and tricks. After graduation I started working for Sephora inside JCPenney, a beauty store owned by Louis Vuitton. It is here that I became a skincare and makeup addict!!! I still work there during the week after the show. I absolutely love pampering myself and trying out new beauty trends. I am always looking up products when we are on commercial in the mornings (hee hee). I am a fast food and snack junkie and my boyfriend nick-named me the "crumber" because I am always leaving crumbs everywhere I go. When I really love something (i.e. a song, product, etc) you will know it because I get VERY excited and want to tell everyone I know. My signature phrases are: "Oh my lanta!", "Literally", and "Girrrrrl".
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